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EU Project Promotes Early Detection and Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer

2023 03 May

A three-year Pan-European project, known as the PRAISE-U project, aims to reduce morbidity and mortality caused by prostate cancer through smart early detection.   Prostate cancer is the leading and second leading cause of cancer death among men in northern and western Europe. Every year, an estimated 450,000 European men are diagnosed with prostate... Read more

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PSMA SPECT-CT in Prostate cancer

2023 10 Mar

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NYRS 2022 - New York Roentgen Society Annual Meeting

2022 28 Sep

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Bracco Imaging launches new subsidiary, Blue Earth Therapeutics

2022 01 Mar

Innovative  rhPSMA Theranostic technology  has the potential to offer both diagnostic imaging and treatment for patients affected by prostate cancer.  Blue Earth Therapeutics  has exclusive worldwide rights to therapeutic applications of radiohybrid Prostate-Specific Membrane Antigen (rhPSMA) radiopharmaceutical technology. “ We are increasingly... Read more

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Oncology Convention 2022

2022 15 Nov

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AI-Powered Clinical Decision Support in Prostate Cancer Care

2021 09 Nov

Prostate cancer is a common disease that can often be quite tricky to deal with. It is a heterogeneous disease, with some patients having a very aggressive form of cancer while others with slower progression of the disease. Management and care of patients with prostate cancer is thus a complex and long-term challenge. Patients require surveillance,... Read more

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Siemens Healthineers adds Lung Cancer to its AI Pathway Companion

2021 14 Oct

Siemens Healthineers recently added non-small cell lung cancer support to its AI Pathway Companion. Currently supported pathways are non-small cell lung and prostate cancer.   Siemens first presented its AI Pathway Companion at the 2018 Annual Meeting of the Radiological Society of North America in Chicago. In summary, the system delivers artificial... Read more

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Clinical Decision Support for Prostate Cancer Care

2021 08 Oct

Executive Summary  Cancer care is becoming increasingly complex and personalized. More and more patient characteristics and disease specific data – clinical history, comorbidities, imaging, laboratory data, genomics/ proteomics, lifestyle factors, pathology results – have to be factored in when deciding on diagnostic measures and care pathways.... Read more

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#ESCCongress: PRONOUNCE Trial - Safety of ADT Remains Unresolved

2021 30 Aug

Late-breaking research from the PRONOUNCE trial was presented in a Hot Line session at ESC Congress 2021. The cardiovascular safety of androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) for prostate cancer remains unresolved after the trial was terminated early.   Every year, approximately one million men are diagnosed with prostate cancer worldwide. These patients... Read more

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Biparametric MRI: A New Standard for Prostate Cancer Imaging?

2021 12 Jul

A lone and discordant voice supported by few at first, biparametric prostate magnetic resonance imaging has been gradually gaining attention and visibility as a reliable, faster, and cheaper alternative to conventional multiparametric magnetic resonance imaging and could become a new standard of care in the near future. Key Points The role... Read more