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ICU Management

Guiding Clinical Care Using Pancreatic Stone Protein - Webinar

2022 22 Sep

   Chairman Prof. Jean Louis Vincent Speakers                           Dr. Holger Klein                Dr. Gabriele Melegari Dr. Maria Laganidou Find Abionic on Social Media   Read more

IT Management

AvoMD Strengthens Its Advisory Board with Appointment of Mark Clermont, former CFO of UpToDate

2022 08 Aug

Mark Clermont, a visionary leader in digital point-of-care decision support and the Chief Executive Officer of Cecelia Health , has joined the Advisory Board of AvoMD , a company empowering clinicians with point-of-care, decision-making software and evidence-based medicine. Mark brings nearly 30 years of knowledge and experience in building and... Read more

ICU Management

Nova Biomedical Launches CE-Marked Nova Max Pro Creatinine/eGFR Meter for Kidney Function Screening

2022 09 Mar

Nova Biomedical announces the launch of the Nova Max Pro Creatinine/eGFR Meter System in all CE countries. Nova Max Pro is an important new tool to improve kidney care through kidney function screening and early detection of kidney disease in point-of-care settings outside the hospital. The Nova Max Pro easy-to-use meter and creatinine biosensor measure... Read more

Executive Health Management

Siemens Healthineers and UNICEF Partner to Help Improve Access to Healthcare in Sub-Saharan Africa

2022 17 Feb

Siemens Healthineers and UNICEF enter a partnership to help optimize Point-of-Care (POC) diagnostics networks The partnership is designed to strengthen health systems strained by the protracted COVID-19 pandemic and foster community engagement Siemens Healthineers and the United Nations Children’s Fund UNICEF today announced a partnership... Read more

IMAGING Management

Philips Adds Haemodynamics to its Point-Of-Care Ultrasound System

2022 10 Feb

Philips expands access to heamodynamics at point-of-care for real-time blood flow assessment on Handheld Ultrasound – Lumify   Philips point-of-care ultrasound technology now includes Pulse Wave Doppler for all physicians – from cardiologists and radiologists to emergency care – to quickly assess haemodynamics in cardiac function anytime, anywhere.... Read more

ICU Management

Nova Biomedical Launches Allegro CRP Test in CE Regulated Countries

2020 05 Oct

Nova Biomedical announces the addition of C-reactive protein (CRP) testing to its Allegro capillary blood analyzer for point-of-care (POC) testing in primary care settings. The Allegro and its StatStrip companion meter provides 11 clinically important tests to help physicians make therapeutic decisions and adjustments during the patient visit. The... Read more

IMAGING Management

Sonosite & Partners Healthcare Endeavor to Make POCUS Accessible for Higher Quality Patient Care

2019 11 Sep

Collaboration to develop artificial intelligence (AI) enhanced ultrasound technology aimed at increasing the utility of ultrasound and improving our nation’s healthcare system   FUJIFILM SonoSite, Inc. has announced the launch of a strategic relationship with Partners HealthCare to apply artificial intelligence to improve the utility and functionality... Read more

ICU Management

Point-of care ultrasonography in critical care

2018 01 Jun

A brief overview of point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) in the ICU: for the already converted, a reminder of how POCUS has changed ICU practice; for the ultrasound naïve, an aperitif to leave the reader with interest in this evolving paradigm shift of patient care. As intensivists, we have all faced this scenario: a 28-year-old woman, 35... Read more

ICU Management

POC Device Can Test for Sepsis from Drop of Blood

2017 03 Jul

Researchers from the University of Illinois and Carle Foundation Hospital in Urbana, Illinois, USA, have developed a new portable device, which they say is the first to provide rapid, point-of-care measurement of the immune system's response, without any need to process the blood. You might also like : New Biomarker Improves Early Sepsis Detection... Read more