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Uptick in Health Data Breaches

2017 25 Apr

A new report from Protenus shows an increase in security incidents in March, with the number of patient records breached also on the rise. There were 39 breach incidents last month, affecting 1,519,521 patient records. The largest single incident involved 697,800 patient records and was reported to HHS as “theft-other”. March, in fact, had more than... Read more

IT Management

Hackers Breach Emory Healthcare's Patient Records

2017 07 Mar

Emory Healthcare's online appointment system has been hit with a cyberattack earlier this year, affecting the records of some 80,000 patients. After removing the appointments database, the hackers demanded a ransom to restore the site. Emory did not say whether it paid the ransom. See Also : Ransomware Seen as Medical Device Cybersecurity Threat... Read more

Executive Health Management

Foreign Government Behind Anthem's 2014 Hack?

2017 17 Jan

According to investigators, the cyberattackers who broke into national insurer Anthem's IT system – exposing 78.8 million patient records as a result – were likely working on behalf of a foreign government. They also said that Anthem agreed to invest $260 million in improving its information security systems. See Also : Locky Ramps... Read more

IT Management

Medical Mix Up? Patient Identity

2016 25 Jan

Electronic health information exchange (HIE) is supposed to make coordination between care teams easier, resulting in a better patient experience. It's therefore important for hospitals to ensure that patients' records are correct — ie, no erroneous entries. However, errors in typing in names and numbers are rather common, given that many different... Read more

IT Management

6 Tips for How to Prevent a Healthcare Data Breach

2015 02 Jun

Health care data breaches can cost any health facility not just in terms of fines or potential legal costs but the trust and confidence of patients. The following 6 tips can help prevent a data breach.   Risk Assessment   Conduct a risk assessment on your security policies in order to ascertain potential threats and weaknesses in your system. This... Read more

IMAGING Management

Agfa HealthCare, Park Place International Optimise MEDITECH EHRs

2014 21 Nov

Agfa HealthCare has announced a collaboration with Park Place International (PPI) to integrate and resell the Agfa HealthCare Enterprise Imaging Portfolio to optimise the MEDITECH electronic health record (EHR). This solution provides multi-media electronic content management for MEDITECH EHRs and enhances value based performance goals. The changing... Read more

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AMA Announces Framework for EHR Usability

2014 19 Sep

CHICAGO - Building on its landmark  study  with RAND Corp. confirming that discontent with electronic health records (EHRs) is taking a significant toll on physicians, the American Medical Association (AMA) today called for solutions to EHR systems that have neglected usability as a necessary feature. Responding to the urgent physician need for better... Read more

IT Management

Healthcare Data Breaches

2014 07 Sep

There have been several news stories recently related to sophisticated data breaches of confidential data in hospitals and healthcare organisations. Early this year, two healthcare organisations lost tens of thousands of data records because of lost USB flash drives and data sticks. The extent of data breaches was large enough to cause the HIPAA to... Read more

IT Management

SANS-Norse Report: Cyberattacks Compromising Healthcare Organisations

2014 25 Feb

Norse Global Threat Intelligence Platform Identifies Healthcare Organizations' Compromised Networks, Applications, Devices and Systems In association with SANS, the most trusted and largest source for information security training, certification and research, Norse, the leading provider of live threat intelligence solutions, has released the... Read more

IT Management

HYDMedia Solution by Agfa Healthcare Deployed in Multiple Hospitals in France

2014 21 Feb

Healthcare content management system manages all digital and paper documents for hospital or regional network    Faster access to documents from any workstation in the hospital increases efficiency. Documents are indexed, easily and intuitively searchable. Reduction or even elimination of paper documentation reduces associated costs.... Read more