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ICU Management

28th ESRA-SPAIN Annual Meeting 2022

2022 28 Sep

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Executive Health Management

EPN 2022 - 4th Edition of Global Conference on Pediatrics and Neonatology

2022 08 Sep

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ICU Management

Pathophysiology and Management of COVID-19 Pneumonia

2021 02 Nov

COVID-19 pneumonia is an evolving disease. In this review, the authors focus on the development of its pathophysiologic characteristics over time and how these changes determine modifications in treatment.   The clinical features of COVId-19 are highly variable, ranging from asymptomatic patients to patients with a severe form of respiratory failure.... Read more

Cardiology Management

Resuscitation Science Symposium

2021 12 Nov

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ICU Management

27th ESRA-SPAIN Annual Meeting 2021

2021 29 Sep

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Executive Health Management

The Sex and Gender Influence on Hypertension

2019 02 Oct

Despite underlying physiological differences and a different set of risk factors, diagnosis, management, and treatment strategies for hypertension do not account for sex and gender variances. Evidence-based guidelines for hypertension treatment from clinical trials are similar between males and females; however, most of these trials do not... Read more

ICU Management

Pathophysiology of Trauma and Revised European Trauma Guidelines

2019 26 Sep

The fifth edition of the European Trauma Treatment Guidelines that have already been cited 1650 times and downloaded from the original home page nearly 600,000 times.   The European trauma treatment guidelines have significantly changed the treatment modalities of trauma patients around the world. The guidelines have also been endorsed... Read more

ICU Management

ESICM LIVES Forum 2019: AKI as a syndrome

2019 06 Jun

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