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Executive Health Management

Is Your Hospital Ready for ANOTHER Wave of COVID-19?

2021 20 Jul

The initial global outbreak of COVID-19 revealed cracks in pandemic preparedness - from PPE to ventilators and oxygen, hospitals and skilled healthcare workers were stretched the brink in often physically and emotionally gruelling environments. Emerging variants and under-vaccination threaten future waves of the virus. Is your hospital ready?... Read more

Executive Health Management

NUI Galway’s New Project on Future Pandemic Response

2021 04 Feb

The National University of Ireland (NUI Galway) is starting a new project aimed to improve the EU’s preparedness to manage future pandemics through the use of IT solutions.   You might also like: Pandemic Control: New Dynamic Metrics for Proactive Action   The PANDEM-2 Project, which has just received almost €10 million of EU... Read more

Executive Health Management

Drawing from Taiwan’s COVID-19 Experience

2020 26 Oct

A recent study published in The Lancet Regional Health – Western Pacific have analysed the pandemic response in Taiwan and outlined a list of recommendations to public health authorities around the world.   You might also like: Where Are the Most Effective Anti-COVID-19 Strategies?   Taiwan, a high-income jurisdiction, has... Read more

Executive Health Management

Assessing COVID-19 Response

2020 15 Jun

A group of experts is proposing a scorecard that may help to assess governments’ pandemic response and better prepare for future outbreaks.   You might also like: Lifting COVID-19 Restrictions – What’s Next?   In a  comment published in Nature Medicine , the authors propose six recommendations with regard to the implementation... Read more