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2014 10 Jun

A team of researchers has presented a study at the 2014 annual meeting of the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging, announcing the development of an innovative molecular imaging technique capable of visualising joint inflammation. By using multiple molecular imaging systems, positron emission tomography (PET) and single photon emission...Read more

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2015 07 Mar

New methods that make it possible to visualise activity on a molecular level will boost optical imaging use in radiology, especially oncology applications. Experts will unveil the secrets of Cerenkov (blue light) radiation, reporter gene imaging and opto-acoustics techniques today during a New Horizons session at the ECR. Speakers will look at molecular...Read more

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2015 29 Jun

Siemens Healthcare has launched a unique new mobile application at UKRC 2015, the leading diagnostic imaging event in the UK, designed to provide education and relieve possible fears surrounding MRI scans for both children and adults. The MRI Scan  app  offers a 360 degree virtual MRI scan with realistic sounds, preparing patients for what to expect...Read more

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2015 06 Jul

Scientists are developing a new molecular, preclinical hybrid imaging system that combines positron emission tomography (PET) and MRI, and can help experts to find new drugs and advance imaging research. The new scanner includes a window for tissue observation, and an imaging chamber. The hybrid scanner, presented at the 2015 Annual Meeting of the...Read more

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2015 13 Jul

A new breast exam that uses MRI and Near Infrared Spectral Tomography (NIRST) is feasible and more accurate than MRI alone, according to researchers from Norris Cotton Cancer Center at Dartmouth College (NH, USA). The findings are published in the peer-reviewed journal Clinical Cancer Research . Breast MRI is the most sensitive imaging technique for...Read more

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2015 06 Oct

Intel and the Knight Cancer Institute at Oregon Health & Science University have created a prototype collaborative platform to enable cancer precision medicine research across multiple institutions. Ultimately, the goal is to speed up genomic analysis so the care team can tailor a precision treatment plan for the patient within 24 hours. While the...Read more

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2016 08 Mar

The European Society for Molecular Imaging - ESMI We continue to  advocate Imaging Science  and are convinced by the interdisciplinary approach and vision. It's about you -  y our participation is needed  in order to foster innovation and excellence in imaging science, to establish a strong (European) Imaging Community, and also to  secure funding...Read more

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2016 24 Jun

ESMOFIR was officially founded on December 9th in Budapest during the Annual Leadership meeting. This society wants to be representative of all radiologists interested and/or involved in Functional and Molecular Imaging. Representatives of all subspecialty societies are invited to participate actively in the activities of the society. Conducted by...Read more

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2017 05 Apr

The European Society for Molecular Imaging - ESMI We continue to advocate Imaging Science and are convinced by the interdisciplinary approach and vision. It's about you - your participation is needed in order to foster innovation and excellence in imaging science, to establish a strong (European) Imaging Community, and also to secure funding for...Read more

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2017 19 Feb

Since 2007 the overall concept of TOPIM has been that experienced, high-level international scientists and younger/less experienced scientists from diverse disciplines are spending  one week together at an inspiring place  and to provide a "think tank" for knowledge exchange and intensive discussion. Presentations are held during the morning and early...Read more

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2017 02 Jan

New molecular imaging technologies can make it easier to diagnose, monitor and treat cancers, and finding a way to use these noninvasive techniques more widely in clinical settings should be a top priority, according to experts from the Abramson Cancer Center and the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. See Also :...Read more

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2017 31 May

Several studies have laid the foundation for the widespread use of molecular imaging for renal mass characterisation. Additional prospectively collected data as well as research in quantitative imaging methods and the development of novel radiotracers could usher in an era of non-invasive renal mass characterisation, according to an Editorial published...Read more

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2018 20 Mar

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2018 28 Mar

A medical imaging technology under development that enabled doctors to see bacteria deep inside patients' lungs for the first time was one of the highlights of ISICEM 2018. A molecular imaging system under development by the PROTEUS consortium has enabled doctors to see bacteria deep inside the distal lung for the first time. Kev Dhaliwal, Professor...Read more

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2019 19 Mar

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2019 06 Mar

EuroSafe Imaging celebrated 5 years of success in it’s mission to support and strengthen medical radiation protection across Europe following a holistic, inclusive approach with a dedicated series of sessions, activities and events during this year’s European Congress of Radiology . The flagship initiative created by the European Society of...Read more

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2019 04 Sep

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2021 05 Oct


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2022 15 Mar

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2022 11 Jun

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2023 05 Sep

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2023 24 May

We are pleased to announce the successful participation of FORA SPA as distributor partner of United Imaging Healthcare in Italy in the 23 rd Congress of Clinical Engineering (AIIC National Congress), held in Florence between 10 th and 13 th May.   Throughout the whole event FORA took the opportunity of showing the features of uCT 960+...Read more

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2023 26 May

United Imaging Healthcare, a leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art digital PET/CT systems headquartered in Shanghai, and the Medical Imaging Electronics (MiE) company renowned for over forty years of expertise in molecular imaging, have signed a landmark cooperation agreement.   The partnership will create a unique synergy that will deliver...Read more

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2024 12 Mar

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