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ICU Management

Obesity and Critical Care Nutrition

2022 27 Sep

A panel discussion with an international group of experts in the care of obese patients in the critical care setting evaluated best practices in malnutrition screening and assessment, estimation of energy needs for obese patients, the risks and management of sarcopenic obesity, the importance of tailored nutrition, and the role of immunonutrition. ... Read more

ICU Management

Nutritional Management of the Critically Ill Older Adult

2020 14 Sep

A review of available evidence and an overview of recommendations for the nutritional management of the critically ill older adult. Introduction Worldwide, there is a shift in the distribution of the population towards older ages. This shift is similarly being experienced in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), with the median age of the... Read more

ICU Management

Addressing Malnutrition in Critically Ill Patients

2019 26 Sep

Baxter launches a new parenteral nutrition formulation designed to meet the need for higher protein provision in Europe and signs a global partnership with COSMED to commercialise Q-NRG+, a metabolic monitoring device that utilises indirect calorimetry technology.  Malnutrition in the ICU  Around 20 to 50% of hospital patients, including those... Read more

ICU Management

Objective Malnutrition Diagnosis and Personalised Nutrition Delivery in the ICU

2019 26 Sep

Poor ICU nutrition delivery remains a challenge worldwide. Objective malnutrition diagnosis and personalisation of nutrition delivery may be one way of addressing this problem. Modern, and increasingly expensive ICU care now allows prolonged survival from illness and injury by providing life-sustaining support for extended periods of time,... Read more

ICU Management

Technology innovations in delivering accurate nutrition

2019 14 Mar

Preventing malnutrition and enforcing nutritional guidelines   An overview of the key obstacles for the enforcement of nutritional guidelines and innovative approaches that can be used to overcome these obstacles.   Recent studies suggest that nutritional guidelines across the majority of intensive care units (ICUs) are not being implemented... Read more

ICU Management

New Screening Tool Identifies Patients at Risk for Malnutrition

2017 17 Jun

According to a new study, patients who are at risk for malnutrition when undergoing heart surgery can now be more easily identified leading to better intervention and improved surgical outcomes. The study is published in The Annals of Thoracic Surgery.  Malnutrition during the post-operative period can lead to high morbidity and mortality as... Read more

ICU Management

New Data Show Malnutrition in U.S. Hospitals Associated with a $42 Billion Burden to Health System

2016 18 Oct

New AHRQ statistical brief, co-authored with BAXTER and ASPEN, show nearly 2 million U.S. hospital stays1 involve malnutrition Malnutrition-related hospital stays have up to a five times higher risk of deaths 2 , compared to patient stays not identified as malnourished Most malnourished-related hospital stays were two times longer 1  than for patient... Read more

ICU Management

Volume-Based Feeding For ICU Patients

2014 02 Sep

Although enteral nutrition (EN) or the feeding of patients through a tube is a common practice in an intensive care unit, the problem of underfeeding remains. A usual practice is to have a certain amount of feeding per hour but this is often interrupted by procedures, tests, or emergencies. A better way to reduce underfeeding in ICU patients is to... Read more

Cardiology Management

Cardiac Risks of Childhood Malnutrition

2014 03 Jul

Severe nutritional deficiencies before the age of five, including prenatal nourishment, may irreversibly harm heart anatomy and function. Adults who experience childhood malnutrition are at an increased risk for high blood pressure, which can lead to heart disease and stroke. The new findings, published in the American Heart Association’s Hypertension... Read more