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ICU Management

Knowledge Transfer to Improve Outcomes in Critically Ill Immunocompromised Patients

2019 26 Sep

An overview on sharing information, improving clinician skills, and transferring knowledge to ICU specialists about the care of immunocompromised patients.  Background   Studies have reported a volume-outcome relationship for cancer patients admitted to the ICU. In acute respiratory failure, mortality in ICUs managing more than 2 patients... Read more

Executive Health Management

Fighting cyber threats with a global community

2019 22 May

Denise Anderson, President of the Health Information Sharing and Analysis Center (H-ISAC), spoke to about this growing global organisation’s aim to fight cyber threats through cooperation among healthcare stakeholders.     H-ISAC aims to foster trust and cooperation amongst members with the objective of achieving... Read more

Executive Health Management

Putting the patient at ease - 10 steps to better communication.

2018 22 Sep

When it comes to physician-patient communication, tone is key, from the tenor of the doctor’s voice to the mannerisms that influence whether a patient comprehends or is satisfied Physicians have one of the most difficult jobs on the planet. Saving lives and healing the sick are sacred arts and skills that are fraught with stress and pressure.... Read more