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2017 09 Jan

Despite the proliferation of high-tech medical gadgets and systems, a new U.S.-wide survey finds the digital divide is growing wider. Notably over the last 12 months patient adoption of healthcare technology dropped -- amid data hacking fears and a perceived lack of privacy protection by healthcare providers, according to the study by Black...Read more

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2017 08 Nov

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2018 25 Jan

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2018 25 Jan

In his groundbreaking novel ‘1984’, British writer George Orwell portrayed a futuristic world that could only be imagined at the time of its 1948 publication. With incisive foresight, even without its dystopian character, 1984 showed a society watched by an all-seeing eye that is evident in today’s data-driven digital world. Technology is not good,...Read more

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2018 25 Jan

W h a t d o h e a l t h c a r e l e a d e r s s ee   a h e a d ? HealthManagement.o r g spo k e   to healthca r e leade r s on the   futu r e of the   sector . The consensus is Artificial In t elligen c e (AI),...Read more

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2018 25 Jan

H e a l t h c a r e e x p e r t s a r o u n d t he g l o b e we i g h i n o n t he f u t u r e o f t he s e c t o r. Globally-c r owdsource d inpu t ha s  show n tha t  technolog y wil l trigge r hug...Read more

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2019 09 Apr

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2019 11 Jul

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2019 18 Jun

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2019 18 Jun

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2019 10 May

Reflect Festival 2019 , the largest future casting festival between Southern Europe and the Middle East is happening in Cyprus right now. The event offers the chance for future enthusiasts to gather and discuss the potential of future technology. Back for a second year, the event featured speakers, thinkers and even Sophia the Robot, who gave their...Read more

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2019 10 Jun

As the healthcare sector undergoes digital transformation, what does this mean for the contribution the CIO is making to his or her organisation? A report published by MedCityNews identifies five factors that are shaping the changing role of the CIO in healthcare.   You might also like: Move over CIO: enter Chief Digital Officer...Read more

IT Management


2019 25 Jun

  Artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly used in healthcare, from improving the diagnosis of disease to making innovations in treatment. The role of AI in advancing precision medicine was the focus of a recent conference in Boston organised by Harvard Medical School.     You might also like: AI in Medical Imaging May Make the...Read more

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2019 31 Oct

With artificial intelligence and telemedicine gaining a foothold in healthcare, there are fears about technology easing medical professionals out of their jobs.  Those fears and other issues around growing health tech adoption were tackled at the recent Becker's Hospital Review Health IT + RCM conference held in Chicago. In a keynote address to...Read more

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2020 28 Sep

With artificial intelligence and personalised medicine playing an increasingly important role in today’s healthcare, one cannot help but wonder about the regulation of these fields. An expert analyses the pros and cons of the ‘checks and balances’ system that exists today and argues that too much regulation may result in negative patient outcomes....Read more

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2021 14 Jul

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2021 28 Oct

Gareth Dempsey has been promoted to Director of Healthcare Technology for MDI Medical Limited. He will be responsible for the overall vision, development, growth, and leadership of MDI’s Healthcare Technology Division. The creation of the new Healthcare Technology division brings together all Health IT solutions - both software and hardware - under one...Read more

Executive Health Management


2022 02 Feb

Robotic prostatectomy performed by Doctor  Alexandre Mottrie  at Onze-Lieve-Vrouw Ziekenhuis (OLV) in Aalst,  Belgium Medtronic plc, a global leader in healthcare technology, and OLV Hospital Aalst has announced that the first clinical procedure in  Europe  was performed with the Hugo™ robotic-assisted surgery (RAS) system. The robotic prostatectomy...Read more

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2022 31 Aug

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2022 05 Apr

binx health, a healthcare technology and diagnostics company, announced today the appointment of Jack Crowley as Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Crowley brings deep industry expertise in life sciences and demonstrated results in successful initial and secondary public offerings, capital structure enhancements, analyst collaboration, and investor relations....Read more

Executive Health Management


2023 23 Jan

Matt Wildman, Chief Commercial Officer, and Moliehi Weitnauer, Chief Product Officer, join MRO to help drive growth and innovation. MRO, Corp. (MRO), the leading clinical data exchange platform in healthcare, announced two key additions to the executive leadership team. Matt Wildman has joined as Chief Commercial Officer and Moliehi (Mo)...Read more

IMAGING Management


2023 02 Mar

-- along with a series of other groundbreaking technologies   The world's first whole-body ultra-high field 5.0T MRI, the uMR Jupiter 5.0T, was unveiled for the first time internationally along with United Imaging Healthcare's comprehensive flagship products across all modalities, including PET/CT, PET/MR, MR, CT, and DR, at the European Society...Read more

Decision Support


2023 17 May

From wearable devices to artificial intelligence, the health care world has seen a boom in new digital health technologies. But while these new robotic medical assistants are exciting, they are only relevant if their benefits can be backed by scientific evidence.   One promising new technology is an electronic alert system that could benefit...Read more

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2023 30 Aug

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