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Executive Health Management

Satellite Data Project to Support Healthcare

2022 09 Sep

Satellite imagery and satellite data have the potential to provide critical health insights. For example, governments use satellite data to map the spread of a disease within a specific location. This information can provide a sense of how effective a health intervention is or where more attention is required to improve that intervention. In recent... Read more

Health Management

Hospitals-on-FHIR: Preparing Hospitals for European Health Data Space

2022 08 Jul

Hospitals and other healthcare organisations are where health data is predominantly created. If the European Health Data Space (EHDS) is to become a reality for citizens, both via supporting primary use as well as secondary use of health data, data located in these organisations needs to be able to be shared. Experts, industry, and EU-funded projects... Read more

IMAGING Management

Management in radiology

2019 18 Jan

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