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Making Universal Health Coverage A Reality

2022 09 Dec

Universal Health Coverage Day, marked on every 12th December, calls on leaders to accelerate efforts towards building a safe, healthier future. It is intended to raise awareness of the urgent need to build strong and resilient health systems, ensuring every country progresses towards universal health coverage (UHC). UHC ensures that every person has... Read more

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2022 HIMSS Middle East Health Conference & Exhibition

2022 19 Nov

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Health Management

Pivoting to Manage a Pandemic: Flexibility and Creativity in Teams

2022 13 Sep

The COVID-19 pandemic presented a frequently changing situation for health systems, and successful management required a flexible and creative approach within a team. Key Points Lessons from Stanley McChrystal’s “Team of Teams” were very helpful in adapting to COVID-19 as a health system. Flexibility was a key tenet in our... Read more

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Innovative Technologies Will Address Health System Challenges

2022 08 Jul

Innovation is the fuel for any improvement in society because technology always pushes back limitations. Thales envisions to build on its advanced expertise to meet the healthcare challenges of tomorrow. Bringing performant secure healthcare access to anyone, anywhere, will overcome critical medical issues. New Challenges After the pandemic... Read more

Executive Health Management

Northwell Appoints Mark Jarrett, MD and Peter Silver, MD as Chief Quality Officer

2022 10 Jan

Northwell Health has announced the appointment of  Peter Silver, MD, MBA , as senior vice president and chief quality officer. Dr. Silver spent the last 35 years in the health system as part of the Department of Pediatrics, serving most recently as medical director of  Cohen Children’s Medical Center . Dr. Silver was part of a leadership... Read more

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2022 17 May

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EHMA 2022 Annual Conference

2022 15 Jun

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What Managing Resilient Health Systems Looks Like – EHMA Workshop

2022 08 Mar

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Let's change before we have to

2018 25 Jan

T h e r ac e i s o n t o i m p l e m e n t t e c h n o l o g y e f f e c t i v e l y f or i m p r ov e d l i a i s i n g a n d b e t t e r h e a l t h o u t c o m e s. Healt h technolog y ca n chang e healthcar... Read more

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Health 2.0 Europe 2016

2016 10 May

Health 2.0 is the premiere showcase and catalyst for the advancement of new health technologies. Through a global series of conferences, developer competitions, and leading market intelligence, Health 2.0 drives the innovation and collaboration necessary to transform health and health care. In addition to our flagship event held in the Bay Area each... Read more