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IHE-Europe 2023 Connectathon

2023 25 Sep

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ZORG & ICT 2023

2023 13 Jun

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Executive Health Management


2023 20 May

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The Digital Healthcare Show 2023

2023 26 Apr

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Stephen Lieber: Health IT Editor-In-Chief

2022 02 Aug proudly welcomes Stephen Lieber as our new Health IT Editor-in-Chief. He takes over the role of Prof Werner Leodolter, who was the Health IT Editor-in-Chief from February 2021 to July 2022.  Stephen Lieber is the Chief Analytics Officer at The College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHIME). CHIME is an executive... Read more

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Professor Werner Leodolter Passes Away

2022 25 Jun

Professor Werner Leodolter, former CEO of the Styrian hospitals (KAGes) and the Editor-in-Chief of IT at, passed away in a tragic car accident in Iceland. His wife, Andrea Leodolter, Vice President of the Styrian Red Cross, has survived and is currently being treated in a hospital in Iceland. The accident happened Thursday afternoon... Read more

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IHE-Europe Connectathon Week 2022

2022 12 Sep

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Cardiology Management

Call for Submissions - The Journal 

2022 01 Feb is always open to submissions on important topics related to management and leadership in healthcare, cardiology, radiology, hospital management, critical care, Health IT, women's health and clinical decision support. Submit your proposals today.  Healthcare Digitalisation Pathways  - Best practices, future of digitalisation,... Read more

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ZORG & ICT 2022

2022 14 Jun

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