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#RSNA18: MRI finds depression and anxiety brain pattern

2018 27 Nov

In a study presented at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) in Chicago, researchers have uncovered a common pattern of structural similarities and differences in the brains of people suffering from depression and social anxiety using MRI. The study compared major depressive disorder (MDD) and social anxiety... Read more

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RSNA15: Mobile MRI Tracked Marathon Runners

2015 30 Nov

An imaging study has identified cartilage regeneration in long-distance runners. Ultra-distance running places tremendous stress on the body and this research provides detailed information on how the various organ systems change and adapt in response to that stress, according to researchers, who used a mobile MRI truck to follow marathon runners for... Read more

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Substance Abuse Reduces Brain Volume in Women

2015 14 Jul

A brain imaging study published in the journal Radiology reveals that stimulant drug abuse has long-term effects on brain volume in women. Researchers found that brain structures involved in learning, reward and executive control showed vast changes even after a prolonged period of abstinence from drug use.   The study, led by Jody Tanabe, MD, professor... Read more