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ICU Management

Impact of Fatigue on Anaesthesia Providers

2023 31 Jan

Fatigue is being recognised as a workplace hazard of increasing concern. It is a significant problem for anaesthesiologists who have long working hours and irregular schedules. Fatigue negatively impacts vigilance, communication, and teamwork and shows decreased performance during psychomotor testing. However, its impact on real-life performance is... Read more

ICU Management

#EA22: Impact of Fatigue on Doctors and Nurses

2022 07 Jun

Consultant Anaesthetist Dr Nancy Redfern of Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Newcastle, U.K., presented a review at Euroanaesthesia 2022 highlighting the potentially lethal effects of fatigue on doctors and nurses, its impact on the quality of their clinical work and judgement and its subsequent impact on patient safety. According to Dr... Read more

Women's Health

Fatigue Hits Inexperienced Breast Radiologists More

2022 13 Jan

Brown University (Providence, RI) researchers reported in Radiology that fatigue affects less experienced radiologists more for breast cancer screening. Specifically, radiologists with five or fewer years of posttraining experience recommended more imaging when digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) images were read later in the day.   In breast... Read more

ICU Management

COVID-19 Consequences Six Months After Symptom Onset

2021 13 Jan

Findings from a follow-up study conducted with 1733 patients first diagnosed in Wuhan, China, show that nearly 76% of these patients had at least one symptom six months after symptom onset. Findings are published in The Lancet. The study included patients discharged from Jin Yin-tan Hospital in Wuhan, China, who were diagnosed with COVID-19... Read more

ICU Management

Volume 20 - Issue 2, 2020

2020 11 Aug

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ICU Management

The Night in the ICU

2020 11 Aug

T hey say that in the world of the intensive care unit (ICU), there is no night. It can be qualified as a lesser day, but not really as a night. The hustle and bustle may be slower, patient flow and activity may be less, conversations may be negligible, and the staff on duty may be limited, but patient care continues, alarms are in place, and the... Read more

ICU Management

Sleep Deprivation and Fatigue Management in the Intensive Care Unit

2020 11 Aug

The impact of sleep deprivation and fatigue on patients and staff in the intensive care unit and how improved sleep, reduced noise disturbances, and more organised shifts could be beneficial for both patients and clinicians. T he World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that average daily sound levels in patient care areas should... Read more

ICU Management

Shadowing the Nightwatch: Nocturnal Activity in the ICU

2020 11 Aug

An article exploring the experience of an intensive care registrar overnight and the evidence supporting admissions, fatigue, judgement and morality in the circadian cycle. A t night, ICU feels like a fortress that has been put to bed for the night, and as a registrar, you have a role blended from sentinel, secretary, detective and... Read more

ICU Management

Prevention and Management of Burnout in the ICU

2020 02 Feb

In recent years, growing awareness of the burnout syndrome (BOS) has increased the number of initiatives that address clinician wellness and to understand the importance of detecting, addressing, mitigating, and preventing burnout.  Some examples of these initiatives include those by the National Academy of Medicine (NAM), American Medical Association... Read more

Cardiology Management

Treatment Options for Heart Failure

2017 21 Feb

Patients who have experienced shortness of breath or fatigue – and have become less active as a result – could be experiencing heart failure. These patients should immediately take action as waiting to address these symptoms can do more damage, according to experts at Penn State Heart and Vascular Institute. See Also : Recognising the 'Subtle... Read more