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IMAGING Management

Tactics For Optimising Modality Operations

2014 22 Jul

In the latest of their series on the Imaging Value Chain for the Journal of the American College of Radiology (JACR), Giles Boland, Richard Duszak Jr and William Mayo-Smith look at optimising modality operations.   A successful imaging outcome for a patient requires that each step of the workflow, from examination request to timely communication... Read more

Cardiology Management

See more, Work More Efficiently: Siemens Solutions for Cardiology

2013 05 Sep

To support patients, physicians and clinical staff, Siemens has developed products and solutions especially tailored to the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. These include a new cardiac catheter, clinical IT, applications for computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging and a new system for cardiac molecular imaging. The World... Read more

Executive Health Management

HosPilot: Intelligent Energy Efficiency Control in Hospitals

2013 01 Jul

Hospitals consume enormous amounts of energy. Just think about all the equipment and processes in hospitals; 24/7 heating and lighting teamed with, among others, ventilation, sterilisation, laundry and food preparation. The big question, then, is how exactly do we go about introducing energy saving techniques and materials into our hospitals? ... Read more