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2015 30 Dec

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Health Management


2016 05 Jan

Computed Tomography (CT) ranks as one of the top five medical developments of the last 40 years, with its inventors being awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1979 (Radiologyinfo. org 2011). From the first generation of CT scanners in the 1970s to the fourth generation scanners of today, the technological improvements of CT in speed, resolution and...Read more

IMAGING Management


2015 27 Nov

Medsquare won all 3 DACS public tenders in France between 2013 – 2014 Thanks to its DACS (Dose Archiving and Communication System) − assessed as best meeting the expectations of medical physicists and all medical professionals involved in the dose cycle − Medsquare won all 3 public tenders from hospital purchasing groups in France related to...Read more

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2016 27 Feb

As the biggest independent provider of advanced diagnostic imaging services in Europe, Affidea owns and operates 170 medical centres and grows at a rate of (on average) one new centre every fortnight. As the company evolves, our owners Waypoint Capital want to turn it into the biggest global brand for diagnostic imaging and cancer care. The cornerstone...Read more

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2016 27 Feb

RADIATION DOSE - THE RESPONSIBILITY OF ALL The demand for medical imaging examinations is constantly growing, making safety and quality in radiological practice and the risk of unnecessary radiation more important than ever. Public awareness and concern have grown across a wide range of media. People are worried, they receive conflicting, sometimes...Read more

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2016 27 Feb

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IMAGING Management


2016 12 Apr

Dose awareness among radiology staff is essential to optimize radiation dose delivered to patients.Real-time monitoring solutions are precious tools for healthcare professionals especially for CT technologists. According to  Health Imaging  – a leading news website that reflects the clinical, informatics and practice management considerations involved...Read more

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2017 25 May

Radiation protection directive 2013/59/Euratom will take effect in February 2018. With new functions for dose management, teamplay is already preparing for the EU Directive. Siemens Healthineers has expanded teamplay (1) , its cloud-based network, to include new functions that will help hospitals and radiology practices comply with the future...Read more

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2018 20 Feb

New book to provide a roadmap for optimisation In a soon-to-be released book, experts offer their knowledge and guidance for optimising quality and safety in radiological practice. Summer 2018 will see the release of a monograph edited by Prof. Lluis Donoso Bach and Prof. Giles Boland. Quality and Safety in Imaging provides a roadmap for...Read more