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Data Science in Modern Healthcare

2022 13 Sep

Data science has brought forth many exciting advancements in healthcare; however, it is important to recognise what data science is and how we can continue to use it to positively advance healthcare Key Points Data science is an intersection of computer science, mathematics, and domain expertise. Artificial intelligence encompasses... Read more

IT Management

Komodo Health IPO Expected in Summer 2022

2022 24 Mar

Komodo Health (San Francisco, CA, USA) founded in 2014 is preparing for an initial public offering (IPO) this summer. Komodo Health, last valued at $3.3 billion, has hired banks for its upcoming IPO. The lead bookrunners are Goldman Sachs and SVB Securities according to Axios.   Komodo has created a ‘health care map,’ tracking patients during their... Read more

IT Management

Gabe Cossio Joins CLARA Analytics as VP of Sales

2022 23 Feb

CLARA Analytics (“CLARA”), the leading provider of artificial intelligence (AI) technology in the commercial insurance industry, has announced that it has selected Gabe Cossio as the new Vice President of Sales. Cossio will play a lead role in executing CLARA’s aggressive growth strategy as the organization scales up to meet mounting demand. Cossio’s... Read more

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Medtech Conference 2021

2021 28 Sep

Hybrid Event Find MedTech On Social Media Read more

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AI Flags High-Risk COVID-19 Patients in Israel

2020 29 Apr

Since the new coronavirus disease (COVID-19) can be transmitted even by asymptomatic carriers, protecting vulnerable individuals from getting infected is critical. This raises the question – how do we identify these high-risk members of the population?     You might also like: Software Identifies COVID-19 Super Carriers   In Israel, using... Read more

Executive Health Management

Know more, treat better

2019 22 May

Affidea applies ground-breaking AI technology on Brain MRI examinations for people with Multiple Sclerosis   Affidea has entered into a partnership with icometrix, a data science company that develops Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions for healthcare, to standardise and improve the care of patients with neurological disorders. The official... Read more

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#ACR2019: AI-LAB™ democratising radiology AI

2019 10 Apr

A new initiative launched by the ACR Data Science Institute aims to empower radiologists to develop artificial intelligence ( AI ) algorithms at their own institutions, with the use of their own patient data, t o meet their own clinical needs . The institute's ACR AI-LAB™ is a data science toolkit designed to help radiologists l earn... Read more

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23nd Annual Enterprise Data World (EDW) Conference

2019 17 Mar

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Zoom On: Dr. Amy Abernethy

2014 09 Sep

Amy Abernethy, MD, PhD is an oncologist, researcher and Associate Professor at Duke University Schools of Medicine and Nursing. She works as the Medical Director - Oncology Quality, Outcomes and Patient Centred Care, Duke University Health System. In addition to a long list of professional titles and associations, Dr. Abernethy is one of the biggest... Read more