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Assessing Surgical Skills with AI

2021 12 Mar

A new study describes a three-stage machine-learning approach to automated surgical skill assessment in laparoscopic cholecystectomy videos .   You might also like: L eading experts including Jorge Juan Fernández (EIT Health), John Halamka (Mayo Clinic) and medical futurist Bertalan Meskó discussed the opportunities and challenges of... Read more

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Machine Learning in Dermatology: Algorithm Versus Doctor

2021 12 Feb

How does artificial intelligence perform in diagnostics of skin melanoma and compare with a dermatologist’ assessment?   You might also like: Deep Mining for Determining Cancer Biomarkers   A team of researchers from the University of Gothenburg has trained an ML algorithm to identify the risk of metastasis in skin melanoma and evaluated... Read more

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Neural network trained to interpret chest x-rays

2018 07 Nov

Researchers in the United States trained a convolutional neural network (CNN) – a deep learning technique – to detect signs of pneumonia in chest x-rays from three large U.S. hospital systems, individually and in combination. Overall, the researchers found that the CNN models showed a significant reduction in accuracy when tested on data from outside... Read more

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Deep learning tool classifies radiology free-text reports

2018 27 Feb

A recent study evaluated the performance of a deep learning convolutional neural network (CNN) model compared with a traditional natural language processing (NLP) model in extracting pulmonary embolism (PE) findings from thoracic computed tomography (CT) reports from two institutions. The findings show that the new CNN model can classify radiology... Read more