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Health Management

The Knowledge Model and Enabling Artificial Intelligence

2022 08 Jul

The purpose of this paper is to provide a growth path to AI development. It is based on principles learned from launching CT, MRI, Neuro Vascular, and PACS. Key Points Create a model (The Knowledge Model) that will build with additional concepts as they develop, resulting in synergistic thinking (Causal Knowledge... Read more

IT Management

Technology Can Make Endoscopy Safer

2020 14 Oct

Colorectal cancer (CRC) is the third most common malignancy globally, yet more than half of cases are diagnosed late because of excess demand for colonoscopy, the current gold standard for screening. However, a combination of new technologies, such as robotics and computer vision, can help in improving the situation, a new study shows.  ... Read more

IMAGING Management

The Critical Role of Imaging in Colon and Rectal Cancer Management

2014 13 May

An international team of radiology experts has released a consensus statement highlighting the growing importance of imaging technology in the diagnosis, assessment and prognosis stratification of patients with colon and rectal cancers.  The study accompanies the recommendations for standardised, multidisciplinary management of colorectal diseases,... Read more

IMAGING Management

Colon Camera Pill Receives US FDA Approval

2014 05 Feb

Camera-in-a-pill manufacturer Given Imaging announced that it received US Food and Drug Administration clearance for a pill able to provide visualisation of the colon, making it available to a global market of 3 million procedures per year. The pill, a swallowed capsule endoscope entitled PillCam Colon, is designed for the detection of colon... Read more