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ICU Management

Short Acting Beta-Blockers in Critically Ill Patients With Heart Failure

2022 14 Oct

An overview of the clinical evidence demonstrating the effectiveness of landiolol for the treatment of atrial fibrillation or atrial flutter with heart failure and effective heart rate control during arrhythmias. Supraventricular arrhythmias (SVTs) are common in post-operative and cardiac ICUs. SVTs increase the risk of death as well as... Read more

Cardiology Management

Air Pollution Linked to Arrhythmias

2022 24 May

Life-threatening arrhythmias are more common on days with highly polluted air, according to research presented at Heart Failure 2022, a scientific congress of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC). According to the World Health Organization (WHO), air pollution kills nearly 4.2 million people every year. One in five cardiovascular disease deaths... Read more

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HCR 2022 - Heart Rhythm Congress

2022 09 Oct

Hybrid Event Find Heart Rhythm Congress On Social Media Read more

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12th International Conference on Acute Cardiac Care 2020

2020 28 Jun


Cardiology Management

Annual Heart Rhythm Congress

2019 06 Oct

Find the Heart Rhythm Congress on Social Media Read more

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U.S. study: wearable defibrillators 'safe' for children with arrhythmias

2018 27 Jun

A new analysis provides evidence on the safety and effectiveness of using wearable cardioverter defibrillators in children with ventricular heart rhythm disorders that put them at risk for sudden cardiac death. The findings are based on a review of clinical outcomes among all U.S. paediatric patients who wore wearable defibrillators between 2009... Read more

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Predicting Arrhythmias Could Help Prevent Them

2015 02 Oct

Researchers at McGill University have discovered a way of predicting cardiac arrhythmias before they even occur. The finding could lead to an improved cardiac device that is designed to detect and prevent arrhythmias.  The researchers focused on a potentially fatal form of arrhythmia occurring in a condition, called the long QT syndrome, which runs... Read more

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Consensus Paper on Patient Preferences for Arrhythmias Management

2015 25 Jun

A unique consensus paper on patient preferences for arrhythmias management was presented at EHRA EUROPACE – CARDIOSTIM 2015 and published in EP Europace. “Patients live with the consequences of treatments so it’s reasonable that they should have some say.” The document was produced by the European Heart Rhythm Association (EHRA), a registered branch... Read more