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Interventional Radiology Proved to Be More Cost-Effective

2023 13 Apr

A recent literature review was conducted to assess cost research in interventional radiology (IR). The evidence demonstrated that interventional radiology produces good clinical outcomes whilst also defeating surgery on cost effectiveness.   62 studies published between 2016 and 2022 were included in the study; assessment included adult and pediatric... Read more

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Would You Let a Robot Assist in Surgery?

2023 04 Mar

In a recent article published in the Journal of Marketing titled "The Role of Advertising in High-Tech Medical Procedures: Evidence from Robotic Surgeries," the authors investigate whether direct-to-consumer advertising for robotic surgery is successful in persuading patients to choose it over other procedures. The researchers are affiliated with the... Read more

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9th World Congress of the ERAS Society 2023

2023 31 May

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Hearts 2022

2022 30 Sep

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X Congress of AECIMA 2022

2022 05 May

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ERAS 2022 - World Congress Madrid

2022 01 Jun

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Nonsurgical Orthopaedic Options Often Equal to Surgery

2022 07 Jan

University of Bristol researchers recently examined the outcomes of ten common orthopaedic operations, including knee, hip, shoulder, spine, and wrist surgeries. They found that surgical treatments were often no more effective than less invasive options like exercise, physical therapy, and pharmaceuticals. These surgical procedures often involve cost,... Read more