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ICU Management

9th World Congress of the ERAS Society 2023

2023 31 May

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Cardiology Management

Hearts 2022

2022 30 Sep

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Executive Health Management

X Congress of AECIMA 2022

2022 05 May

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ICU Management

ERAS 2022 - World Congress Madrid

2022 01 Jun

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Executive Health Management

Nonsurgical Orthopaedic Options Often Equal to Surgery

2022 07 Jan

University of Bristol researchers recently examined the outcomes of ten common orthopaedic operations, including knee, hip, shoulder, spine, and wrist surgeries. They found that surgical treatments were often no more effective than less invasive options like exercise, physical therapy, and pharmaceuticals. These surgical procedures often involve cost,... Read more

ICU Management

#EA21: Middle-Aged Men More Likely to Die After Surgery Than Middle-Aged Women

2021 19 Dec

New research presented at Euroanaesthesia 2021 shows that middle-aged men are nearly 50% more likely to die after surgery than middle-aged women.   Previous studies also report sex differences in the risk of complications after surgery, but the results have been mixed. One study showed that men were at higher risk of complications and death after... Read more

Executive Health Management

Dr. Justin Hasenecker Started a New Position as Head of Handsurgery at ATOS Kliniken

2021 22 Oct

Dr. Justin Hasenecker recently started a new position as Head of Handsurgery at ATOS Kliniken. Before this, he worked as Senior Consultant and Head of the Hospital Ward in the Centre for Hand Surgery and Plastic Surgery (FESSH Trauma Centre + SAV Hand, DGUV) in the Orthopaedic Clinic Markgröningen (Max Haerle). Dr Justin Hasenecker’s primary focus... Read more