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Benefits of CRM education and simulation in intensive care and emergency medicine

2017 22 Nov

First developed in aviation, CRM education facilitates prevention of accidents in medicine. Beyond the improvement of technical skills, the simulation can provide to learners the capacity to work with other team members, to pay attention to the work environment and to manage physiological or psychological constraints in critical situations.  ... Read more

Health Management

Radiology Education Goes Mobile: What's Changed?

2017 07 May

Mobile devices are used by most students, residents and radiologists in everyday life. They allow fast and convenient access to all internet resources and to data stored on the devices. Entire bookshelves of information can be transported easily and are at the device user’s fingertips. The interactivity of mobile devices allows new techniques of... Read more

ICU Management

Safety Issues May Be Missed in EHR Reviews

2016 12 Jul

Variable use of electronic health records between and within professions could mean that as much as half of patient safety issues could be missed, according to a simulation study. The study, by Knewton K. Sakata, MD, Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, Department of Medicine, Oregon Health & Science University , Portland, Oregon, USA,... Read more

Health Management

Simulating Stress in Hospital Workflow

2016 01 Jul

COMPUTER MODEL LOOKS AT ER FUNCTIONS, EVEN BEFORE IT’S BUILT   With the cost of building a good hospital estimated at around $1 million per bed, it makes sense to test out new layout ideas before any actual construction gets underway.   As a new hospital is an incredibly expensive endeavour, we used a software programme to test different... Read more

IMAGING Management

Is Your Radiology Department Rapid Response Ready?

2015 15 Dec

Mock codes can be useful exercises to identify inadequacies in systems, standards of care, and teamwork that could be remediated in order to optimise patient care and safety, according to a report published in the Journal of Radiology Nursing . Using in situ mock codes can continue to provide practice for responders — both noncode team and code team... Read more

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EU Awards 12 million Euros to Supercompute a Healthier Future for Europe’s Children

2013 28 May

To help fight childhood obesity and other child diseases, the European Commission has awarded 12 million euros to a medical research project that will use mathematical models to improve the treatment of children. According to recent data from the World Health Organisation (WHO), the number of overweight infants and children in Europe has steadily... Read more