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Ten High-Income Countries Report the Effects of COVID-19 Burnout on Primary Care Physicians

2022 02 Dec

According to a new report from the Commonwealth Fund, the COVID-19 pandemic increased the workloads of many primary care physicians, which led to widespread burnout, and impacted the quality of care. This has been the case in all 10 surveyed high-income countries.   The report compares changes in physician workload, stress, emotional distress,... Read more

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Digital Twin Technologies - Shortening Waiting Lists and Reducing Inefficiencies

2022 08 Jul

Digital twin technologies and the use of artificial intelligence and data science to revolutionise the provision, delivery and sustainability of healthcare. Key Points The NHS needs to look to different approaches to achieve sustainable, high-quality healthcare that meets both patient need and expectations. Using a combination of retrospective,... Read more

IT Management

DoD/VA & GOV Health IT Summit

2022 12 Oct

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Comparing Hospital-Onset Sepsis and Community-Onset Sepsis

2022 17 May

Sepsis is a heterogeneous syndrome. It has varying characteristics and therapeutic items depending on the patient’s background, socio-economic status, geographic reason, causative pathogens, site of infection, host responses and quality of care. This heterogeneity makes the management of sepsis even more challenging and hinders clinical research planning.... Read more

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Clinical Decision Support for Prostate Cancer Care

2021 08 Oct

Executive Summary  Cancer care is becoming increasingly complex and personalized. More and more patient characteristics and disease specific data – clinical history, comorbidities, imaging, laboratory data, genomics/ proteomics, lifestyle factors, pathology results – have to be factored in when deciding on diagnostic measures and care pathways.... Read more

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New Standards of Care

2021 12 Jul

The healthcare industry is one of the most regulated sectors in the world. That is primarily because the quality and level of care provided to patients could determine the course of their lives. We need standards because, in healthcare, the patient is always the top priority. Standards in healthcare promote transparency, accountability, governance,... Read more

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Competency: Is It the Wonder ‘Drug’?

2021 15 Feb

In the world of modern healthcare, especially since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the understanding of interaction between healthcare professionals’ burnout, morale and competence level is key to improving the quality of care and decrease staff turnover. A team of experts investigate this complex area and question some current practices of... Read more

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Nurses’ Sleep Deprivation Impacts Patient Outcomes

2019 12 Dec

Before work days, nurses sleep 83 minutes fewer than on their days off, which negatively impacts patient safety and care. According to a new study (Witkoski Stimpfel et al. 2019) published in Sleep Health , the journal of the National Sleep Foundation (USA), nurses get under 7 hours of sleep prior to their shifts. You may also like:... Read more

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Hospital Leadership Must Change to Meet Patient Demand!

2019 24 Sep

Consumerism is becoming more pervasive in healthcare and altering the way hospitals operate in order to better serve the patient, as the consumer, who wants better access to high-quality care at reasonable costs.   The changing healthcare economy is putting stress on health systems and hospitals, as they now also have to compete with retail... Read more

Executive Health Management

Putting Medical Radiation Protection First

2019 26 Aug

Summary: How a European Society of Radiology flagship initiative is addressing quality and safety in medical imaging.    EUROSAFE IMAGING has celebrated five years of success in its mission to support and strengthen medical radiation protection across Europe. Through its Stars network, EUROSAFE IMAGING makes efforts to give radiation protection... Read more