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Cardiology Management

Hearts 2022

2022 30 Sep

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Executive Health Management

SABCS 2022

2022 06 Dec

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Executive Health Management

Patient Safety by Informa 2022

2022 29 Sep

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Cardiology Management

ESC Congress 2022 Barcelona

2022 26 Aug

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Health Management

City - Health - Healthcare: An Integrated Relationship to Undertake the Challenge of Change

2021 09 Sep

Prevention, Systems Approach, and a One Health concept appear to be the key to handle the complexity of our super-connected world and its challenges. But  will people collectively accept the required change in their lifestyle? Will governments  and healthcare policymakers comply with the actions required to go beyond the old definitions?... Read more

Health Management

Prevent or Treat in Latin America

2021 15 Feb

In Latin America there is a big need for prevention as many people do not have access to treatment due to high costs. Prevention not only in terms of becoming sick but also of not paying more than necessary. The situation varies across the continent, and in some countries there are good working examples. Still, the challenges of cancer in Latin America... Read more

IMAGING Management

COVID-19 Will Revolutionise Imaging Practices

2020 17 Mar

The journal   Radiology  has published expert recommendations on radiology preparedness during the COVID-19 public health crisis. The article outlines how to deal with COVID-19 cases and suggests ways in which radiology departments can help contain spread of infection spread to protect hospital staff and patients in other departments.... Read more

Executive Health Management

Sensors in Everyday Objects for Dementia Care

2019 26 Aug

Summary: The past, present & future of dementia care using sensors in everyday life objects through four use cases from research labs to large-scale pilots & adoption by pharmaceutical companies.   Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) is a progressive neurodegenerative disorder. It is the main cause of dementia, a syndrome defined by loss of cognitive... Read more

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Rehacare 2019

2019 18 Sep

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Prevention 2019

2019 20 May

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