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Health Management

Medical errors: is prevention possible?

2018 21 Aug

How the Patient Safety Movement is striving for zero preventable deaths by 2020 A patient death is distressing enough, but when the cause is a lack of hospital safety culture and it could have been prevented, healthcare needs to act. Now. A health crisis across the globe is claiming over 4.8 million lives every year. It’s devastating... Read more

Executive Health Management

Study: Death Rates Rise Under Lower Skilled Staff

2016 17 Nov

A large European study published online in BMJ Quality and Safety shows that the chances of a patient dying in hospital under the watch of lower-skilled nursing assistants rather than professionally-qualified nurses rises dramatically.   With the average mix of nurse professional levels and mix of skills, for every 25 patients, if just... Read more

ICU Management

WFSA Signs Commitment to Support Patient Safety Movement’s Mission of Zero Patient Deaths by 2020

2016 19 Oct

Patient Safety Movement Foundation Joins WFSA’s SAFE-T Campaign The  World Federation of Societies of Anaesthesiologists (WFSA)  has signed a commitment to action and announced that it will support the  Patient Safety Movement Foundation (PSMF)  and its mission to eliminate preventable deaths by the year 2020. Concurrently, the PSMF... Read more