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Drones Delivering Automated External Defibrillators

2023 31 Jan

Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest (OHCA) is a dangerous condition with high mortality and poor health outcomes. According to the International Liaison Committee for Resuscitation (ILCOR), the global incidence of OHCA treated by emergency medical services (EMS) is 30.0-97.1 per 100,000 population, with discharge/30-day survival rates of 3.1-20.4% and good... Read more

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Ventilatory Settings and Outcomes in OHCA patients

2022 12 Jul

Protective ventilation strategies are commonly applied in patients after cardiac arrest. However, the optimal ventilatory settings in these patients and their association with patient outcomes remain unclear.  The goal of this study was to describe the ventilatory settings applied in the first 72 hours of mechanical ventilation in patients after... Read more

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Association Between Age and Neurological Outcomes in OHCA

2021 09 Nov

There is very little information about the differences in outcomes between young and old patients who receive extracorporeal cardiopulmonary resuscitation (ECPR) for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA).   In this study, researchers aimed to investigate the differences in outcomes between patients aged 75 years and older and patients younger than... Read more

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#ESCCongress: Insights from the TOMAHAWK Trial

2021 29 Aug

Late-breaking research presented at a hot line session at ESC Congress 2021 shows that early coronary angiography in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA) patients without ST-segment elevation is not superior to a delayed/selective approach.   The timing and usefulness of coronary angiography in OHCA survivors without ST-segment elevation are still... Read more

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Hypothermia vs Normothermia After OHCA

2021 22 Jun

Since 2005, the guidelines for the care of unconscious cardiac arrest patients have been to cool the body temperature down to 33 degrees Celsius. However, findings from a large, randomised clinical trial led by Lund University and Region Skåne in Sweden show that this treatment does not improve survival.    "These results will affect the current... Read more

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COVID-19 and Increase in OHCA

2020 18 Sep

COVID-19 has a wide range of presentations including asymptomatic to various intensity of symptomatic patients, some of whom develop acute respiratory distress syndrome and require mechanical ventilation. COVID-19 first hit in December 2019 in China. Outside of China, Northern Italy was also sufficiently impacted by it, leading to a high number of... Read more

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Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrests and Resuscitations During COVID-19

2020 25 Jun

New York City saw a three-fold increase in the number of cardiac arrests from March to April 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic than during the same period in 2019.  The purpose of this study was to understand the characteristics and outcomes of people who experienced out-of-hospital cardiac arrests during the pandemic in New York City and whether... Read more

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Targeted Temperature Management After Cardiac Arrest

2020 11 Jan

Post-anoxic brain damage after cardiac arrest is a complex condition that is managed through targeted temperature management (TTM) as it is currently the only neuroprotective intervention recommended after out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA). However, experts have raised concerns about the level of evidence supporting this intervention. Two early... Read more

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Extracorporeal Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation in OHCA

2019 14 Nov

Out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA) without return of spontaneous circulation (ROSC) despite conventional resuscitation is common and has poor outcomes. Adding extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) to cardiopulmonary resuscitation (extracorporeal-CPR) is increasingly used in an attempt to improve outcomes. A new study analysed a prospective... Read more

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Sex-Specific Differences in Survival After OHCA

2019 02 Aug

The survival outcomes of out-of-hospital cardiac arrests (OHCAs) can be influenced by many factors including age, the presence of witnesses, emergency service response time etc. However, it is still widely debated whether sex is a contributing factor to survival. This hypothesis was recently tested by the analysis of 386,535 individuals from the Japanese... Read more