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Volume 18 - Issue 1, 2018

2018 16 Mar

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Nutritional challenges in ICU patients

2018 16 Mar

This symposium explored controversial aspects of the nutritional management of patients in the ICU. There are new concepts and old controversies such as the role of permissive underfeeding and the optimal timing of nutrient delivery. Glucose control is also one such area where there is still no widespread agreement on optimal targets for blood... Read more

Glycaemic control in critically ill patients: how tight should it be?

2018 16 Mar

There is still no widespread agreement around optimal targets for glucose control in the ICU: some clinicians maintain that glucose control is unnecessary and harmful, while others claim that blood glucose control is essential to improve prognosis. 1-3 Those who favour liberal glycaemic control assert that hyperglycaemia is simply a beneficial adaptation... Read more

Dysglycaemia in the critically ill

2018 16 Mar

As has been pointed out, the benefits of tight glycaemic control in the ICU have by no means been clearly established or accepted. In 2010 a meta-analysis of seven prospective randomised studies concluded that intensive insulin therapy in mixed ICU patients was not supported by evidence. 19 Today we understand that hyperglycaemia, hypoglycaemia,... Read more

Facilitated glucose control in the ICU through nutrition

2018 16 Mar

As recently as 2010, the view of metabolic requirements for patients admitted to ICU was that all patients had the same metabolic needs and could therefore be managed with the same nutritional product. In general, critically ill patients were fed along the same lines as healthy people in the ratio of around 50% carbohydrates, 35% lipids and 15% protein.... Read more

The increased recognition of proteins in critical illness

2018 16 Mar

There are many new concepts and old controversies surrounding nutrition in critical care such as: the role of trophic feeding, permissive underfeeding, the use of immune modulating agents, and the optimal timing of nutrient delivery. However, enteral nutrition and protein delivery have consistently been found to be beneficial. Traditionally,... Read more

International Growth & Development Conference - IGDC 2018

2018 14 Mar

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Optimising nutrition for recovery after ICU

2017 15 Sep

Optimising nutrition and metabolism post-ICU for recovery of functional lean body mass and quality of life.   In-hospital mortality following intensive care unit (ICU) care has consistently declined in recent years (Kaukonen et al. 2014). However, these data reveal many of these ICU “survivors” are not returning home to functional lives after... Read more

Experimental Biology 2017

2017 22 Apr

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Volume 16 - Issue 4, 2016

2016 30 Nov

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