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Nutrition in the Post ICU Period: Where is the Evidence?

2020 24 Nov

This article summarises the current nutrition evidence in the phase of recovery that occurs following critical illness. Introduction It is plausible that the importance of nutrition may differ across different phases of illness. Reflecting this, the most recently updated clinical nutrition practice guidelines for critical care from the... Read more

Volume 20 - Issue 1, 2020

2020 19 May

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Nutrition for Critically Ill Patients with COVID-19

2020 19 May

This article discusses the nutritional implications for critically ill patients admitted to intensive care for the management of COVID-19, and considers the inflammatory metabolic processes, nutrition-impacting symptoms, medical therapy, and the impact of a pandemic on staff resourcing and remote practice. Introduction The global... Read more

ICU Management & Practice 2019 Subject Index

2020 15 Jan

Subject Index for Volume 19, issues 1-4, 2019. Issue    Pages Link Issue 1  1-64 Issue 2 65-128 Issue 3 129-192 Issue 4  193-256   Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome Use of sedation... Read more

Nutritional Support in Malnourished Medical Inpatients

2019 01 Dec

Patients who are malnourished or at nutritional risk do tend to have poorer outcomes compared to patients who are relatively healthier when they undergo surgery or are sick. Poorly nourished patients do not have the reserves to fight off illness, and in many cases, are also immunosuppressed with delayed wound healing.  Malnutrition is a major public... Read more

Volume 19 - Issue 3, 2019

2019 26 Sep

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2019 26 Sep

The critically ill patient is often unable to feed by mouth. This condition, in some patients, can range from days to months. It is imperative that these patients receive macronutrients either through enteral or parenteral nutrition. If they don't, there is a risk of an energy deficit that could lead to loss of lean body mass and subsequently, other... Read more

New ESPEN Guidelines for Nutrition in the Critically Ill: Help, What Happened!?

2019 26 Sep

ESPEN guidelines for nutrition in critical illness have shifted from optimistic anticipative nutritional pharmacotherapy towards cautious and balanced metabolic support. This important new orientation in ICU nutrition management is a consequence of recent strong RCT-based evidence.   Introduction   Recently, the new ESPEN guidelines for critically... Read more


2019 26 Sep

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Nutrition 2020

2020 01 Jun

NOW A FREE VIRTUAL MEETING DUE TO COVID-19 HEALTH CONCERNS Find American Society for Nutrition on Social Media Read more