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Wireless Monitor Trialled in UK

2014 22 Jul

An adhesive patch, which wirelessly transmits data on heart rate, breathing and body temperature, is being trialled by the National Health Service, reports BBC News. The patch  addresses the issue of deterioration that can occur between routine observations. While the system, developed by a UK-based firm, could ease staffing pressures and potentially... Read more

Executive Health Management

Innovative Home Medication Dispensing Service Introduced by Philips

2014 21 Feb

Chronically ill patients living independently at home can now benefit from a new service combining automated dispensers and personalised pre-packed medication  Royal Philips has announced the expansion of its focus on home healthcare by introducing an innovative home medication dispensing service created to offer support to chronically ill patients... Read more

Executive Health Management

Almost One Third of All Nursing Care Activities Omitted in European Hospitals

2013 12 Nov

A recent study conducted by the Institute of Nursing Sciences at the University of Basel and published in the journal "BMJ Quality & Safety", surveyed the conditions in which registered nurses practice their profession. The lack of time for nursing care activities in hospitals across Europe has a severely negative impact, though variability... Read more

Executive Health Management

Judith Shamian Elected as New President of the International Council of Nurses

2013 20 May

Judith Shamian, outstanding nursing leader in Canada and internationally, has been elected as the 27th President of the International Council of Nurses (ICN). The election took place in the context of ICN’s governing body meeting, the Council of National Representatives (CNR), during the 25th ICN Quadrennial Congress in Melbourne, Australia.  More... Read more