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NHS Rolls Out New Electric Vehicles to Cut Emissions and Improve Patient Care

2022 19 Sep

“The NHS is the largest public-sector emitter of carbon emissions in the UK” (ePowerTrucks 2022). As part of a 2.1-million-pound investment, eight ambulance trusts are trialing 21 zero-emission vehicles. The goal is to relieve pressure on ambulance services while simultaneously reducing their carbon footprint. These electric vehicles require less... Read more

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Transforming Outpatient Services is Key to Delivering and Sustaining Elective Care Recovery

2022 13 Sep

Redesigning outpatient services will be key to recover elective services. To be sustainable, the transformation needs to break down traditional barriers and focus on optimising the patients’ experience and outcomes. This needs a system-wide approach to reimagine operating and delivery models. Key Points Balancing the competing priorities... Read more

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NHS Trials Smart Goggles to Help Improve Nursing Care

2022 09 Sep

The NHS Long Term Plan outlines NHS’s commitment to invest in new innovations and treatments. They promised to deploy the latest cutting-edge technologies to better manage the capacity of services and help ease the burden on clinicians. NHS England was awarded £400,000 to test smart goggles as part of a wider innovation project. As part of this... Read more

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2022 26 Aug

My dear readers,   It is time for thoughts from the island again. Before I share more, I hope you are all okay – despite the heat waves. As I said in my previous articles, what will be next? What else do we have to overcome, or is this our future - living and dealing with extreme situations, i.e. pandemics, war, climate chaos etc.?   This... Read more

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What Can the NHS Learn from Public Sector Supply Chain Attacks?

2022 08 Jul

As organisations become increasingly connected through technology, there is a rising threat of becoming collateral in cyberattacks. It is imperative to evaluate the security practices and stances taken within any third-party organisation involved. Key Points The NHS plans to launch 42 Integrated Care Systems (ICS) across England this year.... Read more

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UK Healthcare Workforce Recovery After the COVID-19 Pandemic

2022 24 Mar

The BMJ and the Nuffield Trust recently hosted a roundtable discussion concerning the issue of workforce retention in the UK’s NHS – why workers leave the NHS and how staff wellbeing and retention can be improved. Also under discussion was the Nuffield Trust report, ‘The Long Goodbye’ which provided statistics on the alarming high portion of healthcare... Read more

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Digital Health Rewired 2022

2022 15 Mar

Find Digital Health Rewired  on Social Media     Read more

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NHS Blueprint for Testing Bias in AI Models

2022 14 Mar

The UK’s National Health Service (NHS) is trialling a programme designed to identify and eradicate algorithmic biases in systems used to administer healthcare. The NHS Artificial Intelligence (AI) Ethics Lab commissioned the Ada Lovelace Institute to develop an Algorithmic Impact Assessment (AIA) tool. This tool is intended to provide an algorithmic accountability... Read more

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2021 08 Oct

Stroke is not a risk for older people exclusively. Across all types of stroke, we need to remember that a quarter of them occur in people under 65. 1  We know the combination of a decrease in deaths from stroke and an increase in actual stroke events means more people will survive and live with the impact of stroke. The burden of stroke is likely... Read more