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Machine Learning in Dermatology: Algorithm Versus Doctor

2021 12 Feb

How does artificial intelligence perform in diagnostics of skin melanoma and compare with a dermatologist’ assessment?   You might also like: Deep Mining for Determining Cancer Biomarkers   A team of researchers from the University of Gothenburg has trained an ML algorithm to identify the risk of metastasis in skin melanoma and evaluated... Read more

Cardiology Management

Cardiovascular Adverse Events After Treatment With BRAF and MEK Inhibitors

2019 19 Aug

Melanoma accounts for nearly 55500 cancer deaths annually worldwide. Most mutations in melanoma occur at the level of BRAF with an upregulation of the MAPK pathway. BRAF mutations prompted the development of BRAF inhibitors which cause resistance through a signalling cascade mediated by MEK. This, in turn, led to the development of MEK inhibitor... Read more

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New Apps Fighting Killers

2015 20 Oct

Oregon Health & Science University have released an iPhone app designed to advance melanoma research by giving users the ability to accurately measure and monitor moles, and contribute photos of how their potential trouble spots evolve over time. Called Mole Mapper, the App allows individuals to photograph and measure mole sizes relative to a common... Read more

Pharmacy Management

Game-Changer for Melanoma Treatment

2014 10 Sep

The FDA has approved a drug for the treatment of advanced melanoma. Pembrolizumab, which goes by the brand name Keytruda, is expected to be a game-changing drug for treating patients with advanced melanoma and who are no longer responding to alternative treatments. It is developed by Merck & Co.  Keytruda is an immunotherapy drug that attacks PD-1,... Read more

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Handheld Device Can Detect Melanoma

2014 11 Aug

Melanoma is the fifth most common cancer in the US. Approximately 76,690 men and women were diagnosed with it in 2013. While only 5 percent of all skin cancers are due to melanoma, it is the primary cause of 7 percent of deaths related to skin cancer. Moreover, the incidence of melanoma is increasing at a much faster rate than any other cancer, providing... Read more

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New Imaging Agent Enables Better Cancer Detection and Staging

2013 24 Apr

Researchers at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine have shown that a new imaging dye is an effective agent in detecting and mapping cancers that have reached the lymph nodes. The radioactive dye, called Technetium Tc-99m tilmanocept, successfully identified cancerous lymph nodes and did a better job of marking cancers than the... Read more

IMAGING Management

Navidea Lymphoseek® Gains FDA Approval

2013 16 Apr

Navidea Biopharmaceuticals, a biopharmaceutical company focused on precision diagnostic radiopharmaceuticals, has announced U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval of Lymphoseek® (technetium Tc 99m tilmanocept) Injection, which is indicated for use in lymphatic mapping procedures to assist in the localisation of lymph nodes draining a primary... Read more