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Executive Health Management

Bust that Stress! Tips for Healthcare Providers

2014 02 Jun

In most jobs, recognising and learning to manage daily stress is critical to a successful performance. Healthcare industry workers are particularly prone to pressure, having to complete quotas and targets and assist patients around the clock. They are frequently faced with life-or-death scenarios, traumatic events or overflowing waiting rooms. ... Read more

Executive Health Management

International Research on Quality in Healthcare “Spend no more but smarter”

2014 25 Apr

Closing Conference of the InterQuality Project: Since December 2010, the InterQuality project investigates the effects of financing systems on the quality of healthcare. The knowledge gained from the 4-year research provides input for European countries to choose the right financing mechanisms in different areas of their healthcare systems, according... Read more

Executive Health Management

Accenture: 33% of European Hospitals Report Operating Losses

2014 10 Apr

Accenture’s recent ‘European Hospital Rating Report’ has conducted an in-depth review of the 2011 financial statements from more than 1,500 public and privately owned hospitals hospitals across Germany, Austria, France, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Norway, and Switzerland. In Spain only private hospitals were included, as sufficient public hospital data... Read more

Health Management

Building a Culture of Excellence from the Ground up

2014 08 Mar

Author Alicia Campbell Facility Director CMC-Waxhaw North Carolina USA [email protected]   This article discusses the key steps taken to hire and create a team at a new facility and details the education and onboarding that was used, as well as the foundations required... Read more

ICU Management

An Interview with Professor Hans Flaatten on Management in Intensive Care

2013 15 Aug

Researcher and head of intensive care at Haukeland University Hospital, Professor Hans Flaatten believes that two goals essential to quality intensive care are good intra- and inter-team cooperation and respect, and constantly implementing the latest research findings into intensive care guidelines and practice. Introduction Professor... Read more

ICU Management

Having a Nighttime Critical Care Physician in the ICU Doesn't Improve Patient Outcomes

2013 21 May

With little evidence to guide them, many hospital intensive care units (ICUs) have been employing critical care physicians at night with the notion it would improve patients’ outcomes. However, new results from a one-year randomized trial from researchers at Penn Medicine involving nearly 1,600 patients admitted to the Hospital of the University Pennsylvania... Read more

IMAGING Management

Radiology and Management Issues in Italy

2013 15 Mar

The Italian Radiological Society (SIRM) was founded in 1913, and the first meeting was held in Milan on October 12–14 the same year. SIRM is the largest medical society in Italy today, and in 2013 will commemorate its centenary with the slogan ‘The future comes from a solid past’. Approximately 9,600 radiologists are registered with SIRM, including... Read more

IMAGING Management

Becoming a Radiology Leader

2013 10 Mar

Professor Yves Menu from France encouraged radiologists to become leaders in the Management in Radiology session on Saturday. The leader as the isolated charismatic hero is disappearing. You can be educated for leadership.  Menu gave three tips for new leaders: 1. It can be learnt, at least in part. There are tools to help radiologists learn... Read more

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