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2017 18 Apr

Hospitals and other healthcare organisations (HCOs) are increasingly singled out by cyber criminals for ransomware and other attacks. Not only are patients’ sensitive records being targeted, but also their intellectual property or credit card information. The primary   reasons for the HCO vulnerabilities are outdated security architectures,... Read more

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Is Your X-ray Machine Scuppering IT Security?

2016 04 Oct

This year alone has seen a huge increase in cyber attacks on healthcare data. It is no coincidence theta cybercriminals target healthcare. While compared to other sectors, the financial gains of hacking into a hospital’s data and demanding a ransom for release, are negligible, the guarantees of success are greater. For one thing, many healthcare... Read more

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No More Ransom

2016 25 Aug

There are two simple yet effective preventive measures ‏that a public or private enterprise must put into place ‏to stop cybercriminals in their tracks says Europol; ‏practice pristine digital hygiene and keep anti-virus protection ‏up-to-date.   While these steps should be taken as the bare minimum ‏to protect an organisation, if the dramatic... Read more

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Patient Safety at Risk: Poor IT Security

2016 10 Aug

Until now and 2021, the total market for cybersecurity technology implemented by U.S. hospitals will expand at a compound annual growth rate of 13.6 percent. This is according to a new report from Frost & Sullivan which adds that health organisations need to take more action on cybersecurity than implementation of security tools. The report says that... Read more

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Meet Latest Ransomware: Crysis

2016 13 Jun

A recent and advanced strain of Ransomware has suggested that security-dominated headlines will not be a thing of the past any time soon. Crysis, first discovered in February this year, is multi-platform with the ability to penetrate both Mac and Windows systems. Security experts also say that it is more dangerous than other forms of virus seen to... Read more

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Top Healthcare Cloud Security Concerns

2016 23 May

In spite of security concerns with the healthcare cloud, the sector continues to increase its adoption of this technology., has recently examined the cloud saying that while many covered entity organisations are not considering its use in the immediate future, understanding top present and potential security concerns is important... Read more

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Sectra’s Financial Reporting Calendar for 2016/2017

2016 26 Apr

The Board of Directors of Sectra AB has decided on the dates for the company’s financial reporting for the coming fiscal year. The following dates are planned for Sectra’s financial reporting: May 31, 2016: Year-end report 2015/2016 September 5, 2016: Three-month report September 6, 2016: Annual General Meeting in Linköping at 4:00 p.m. December... Read more

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New President of Sectra’s Secure Communications Business Area

2016 06 Apr

Simo Pykälistö, currently CFO and Executive Vice President of Sectra AB (STO: SECT B), has been appointed President of Sectra’s Secure Communications business area. Simo Pykälistö grew up in Finland, was educated in the US and subsequently moved to Sweden. Simo Pykälistö is 43 years old and holds a degree in finance from the United States International... Read more

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Improve Cybersecurity: Fire CEOs?

2016 04 Apr

With healthcare cybersecurity taking a series of hits in recent months and the problem on the rise as hackers become more sophisticated, one expert says it is time to examine the administration of hospitals and incentivise employees to create a culture of security. “Many executives have taken the view that cybersecurity is control of people, limiting... Read more

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Hospital Ransomware Infects Visitor Computers?

2016 28 Mar

Following news of ransomware attacks on two Southern California hospitals, a Canadian facility was targeted by cyber hacks and the infection may have had a knock-on effect to visitor and staff computers Norfolk General Hospital in Simcoe, Ontario, said last week it had fallen victim to a ransomware attack. In a CBC News report Security firm Malwarebytes... Read more