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ICU Management

Safety Outcomes of Direct Discharge From ICU

2023 24 Jan

Patients discharged from ICUs are traditionally transferred to a hospital ward to facilitate recovery and rehabilitation and to organise discharge planning. However,  direct discharge home (DDH) from ICUs is becoming more common due to high hospital ward censuses and transfer delays. This increase is mainly due to strained ward capacity and high costs.... Read more

ICU Management

Blood Diseases in the ICU 2023

2023 09 Jan

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ICU Management

ICU Diaries and Post-ICU Distress Symptoms

2022 09 Nov

In recent years, health diaries have become an important tool for patients and providers to manage personal health. A health diary is a record of a patient's overall health and wellness, which the patient writes to keep track of different aspects of their health. Studies show that greater self-care behaviours, such as the use of symptom diaries, improve... Read more

ICU Management

Getinge Expands its Virtual Hospital to Add More Value for Visitors

2022 27 Oct

Since the opening in 2021, Getinge’s Virtual Hospital has offered visitors to experience hospital solutions in different rooms. The online facility is now coming together as a whole, with entire hospital departments allowing visitors the full picture of how the MedTech suppliers broad range of solutions work together throughout the clinical pathway.... Read more

ICU Management

BACCN Conference 2022

2022 17 Oct

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ICU Management

2022 IAEM Annual Scientific Meeting

2022 20 Oct

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