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ICU Management

Heparin-Induced Thrombocytopaenia

2023 20 Apr

Heparin-induced thrombocytopaenia (HIT) is an immune complication of heparin therapy. This review discusses the pathophysiology, incidence, clinical manifestations, diagnostic approach, and management of patients with HIT.   Pathophysiology HIT is an immune complication of heparin therapy caused by IgG antibodies to complexes of platelet... Read more

IT Management

Digital Medical Expertise & Applications (DMEA) 2021

2021 07 Jun

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IT Management

COVID-19: Effect on IT Purchasing Decisions

2020 07 Apr

The flux of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) patients is pushing hospitals and other medical facilities to unprecedented limits. Such difficult circumstances are seen delaying current and future healthcare IT implementations.     For instance, limitations in IT-staff capacity are a major factor impacting IT purchases. Clinical informaticists –... Read more

Executive Health Management

The Empowered Patient: Capitalising on Information and Technology

2020 29 Jan

Summary: We might be ready for the new hospital and the new healthcare system, but are we ready for the empowered patient? When we talk about the future of healthcare or the future of healthcare systems and hospitals, we tend to overlook one very important aspect: the patient. Yes, advanced technology, artificial intelligence, big data, machine... Read more

IT Management

Our Top 15 Technology Stories from 2019

2019 28 Dec

As the year draws to a close, we take a look at our most viewed technology stories across our 2019 news and journals.   Fighting Cyber Threats With a Global Community Denise Anderson, President of the Health Information Sharing and Analysis Center (H-ISAC), spoke to about this growing global organisation’s aim... Read more

IT Management

17th Bi-Annual DoD/VA & Gov Health IT Summit

2019 16 Oct

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IT Management

Cost-Effective HealthIT Solutions

2019 10 Sep

Data has become an important asset in today's digital world; moreover, increasing IT use and automation results in more of this asset being created. Interestingly, other industries pale in comparison with healthcare when it comes to the amount of data generated – ie, about a trillion gigabytes of data each year coming from a variety of sources such... Read more

IT Management

HIMSS Global Conference & Exhibition 2020

2020 09 Mar

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Executive Health Management

Monitor Me!

2019 26 Aug

mHealth has gained considerable momentum in recent years, but, contrary to common perception, mHealth is not limited to mobile health. It has a broad application across healthcare, including the use of biosensors, wearable personal technology, precision medicine, personalised care, patient engagement, and patient empowerment. We could say mHealth is... Read more