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PCICS Annual International Meeting 2022

2022 15 Dec

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IWIN 2022

2022 24 Jun

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2023 SCCM Critical Care Congress

2023 15 Jan

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11th Annual Johns Hopkins Critical Care Rehabilitation Conference 2022

2022 02 Nov

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Estimated Plasma Volume (ePV) in Critical Care

2022 28 Apr

  Speakers     Thomas Metkus, MD Divisions of Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery, Departments of Medicine and Surgery Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine   Dennis Begos, MD, FACS, FACRS Medical Director, Medical and Scientific Affairs... Read more

Southeastern Critical Care Summit 2022

2022 25 Aug

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SOA 2022 - State of the Art

2022 28 Jun

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Michael Christian is the New Chief Medical Officer BCEHS at BC Emergency Health Services

2022 03 Apr

Dr. Mike Christian  joined BCEHS in December 2021. He has over thirty years of experience as a health care leader in areas including critical care, infectious diseases, military, aviation and prehospital medicine. He started his career as a paramedic and understands the essential contributions paramedics, nurses and physicians make to the field of prehospital... Read more

Rationale Behind Practice: Landiolol in Critical Care

2022 16 Mar

A summary of data regarding the use of landiolol as a potential immunomodulator in septic patients and its effectiveness and safety in the management of new-onset postoperative atrial fibrillation (POAF). Cardiovascular Dysfunction and Sepsis Cardiovascular dysfunction is a common complication of sepsis. Approximately 40 to 50% of patients... Read more