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2020 07 Jul

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Breakthrough Genomics Launches a Coronavirus Genetic Susceptibility Assessment

2020 02 Apr

The team at Breakthrough Genomics is contributing to the fight against the COVID-19 virus by looking further into the human genome and researching what genes and mutations may influence your susceptibility and resistance to the most adverse effects of COVID-19. Using its proprietary Machine Learning algorithm (ENLITERTM), the Breakthrough Genomics... Read more

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Software Identifies COVID-19 Super Carriers

2020 16 Mar

A Polish company has developed software that deploys data to identify people at risk of carrying COVID-19.   The firm, DataWalk, taps into data like immigration records, mobile phone data and data about affected individuals to identify potential ‘super carriers’ who resist the disease and are unaware how widely they can infect others.... Read more

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HIMSS Cancelled Due to Coronavirus Concerns

2020 06 Mar

The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) announced today that its global health conference scheduled to take place from March 9-13 in Orlando, Florida has been cancelled. This is the first time in 58 years that an HIMSS conference has been cancelled.  President Donald Trump was scheduled to speak on Monday at the conference... Read more

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Israeli Hospital Prepares Telemedicine for COVID-19

2020 12 Feb

WHO renamed COVID-19 on February 11 in a bid to avoid inaccuracies or de-stigmatisation stemming from the name of the coronavirus.   Meanwhile, the respiratory virus has opened doors to technological applications that range from telemedicine to AI integration.   You might also like: Novel Coronavirus: New Name, New... Read more