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The PSP Biomarker Rises Earlier than CRP and PCT in Sepsis, a New Study Shows

2021 20 Apr

Sepsis is a global healthcare problem, with 50 million cases each year and 11 million related deaths  1 . It’s the life-threatening complication of an infection, in which the host’s immune response to a pathogen damages its own organs. The clinical diagnosis of sepsis relies mostly on signs and symptoms that are neither sensitive nor specific enough... Read more

ICU Management

Nova Biomedical Launches Allegro CRP Test in CE Regulated Countries

2020 05 Oct

Nova Biomedical announces the addition of C-reactive protein (CRP) testing to its Allegro capillary blood analyzer for point-of-care (POC) testing in primary care settings. The Allegro and its StatStrip companion meter provides 11 clinically important tests to help physicians make therapeutic decisions and adjustments during the patient visit. The... Read more

ICU Management

Reappraisal of Biomarkers in Sepsis Management

2020 13 Jun

Sepsis biomarkers have an important role in the diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment of sepsis management. If timely and accurate information about biomarkers becomes available, the physician can not only make better therapeutic choices but also monitor the efficacy of the intervention in progress and adjust it accordingly.  In a previous review... Read more