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Advata Promotes Corinne Stroum and Jamie Snell to Leadership Team

2022 04 Aug

Advata, an advanced analytics software company, announces the promotions of Corinne Stroum and Jamie Snell as the two newest members of the company’s leadership team. Stroum and Snell have been selected to serve as the Senior Vice President, Head of Product, and Chief Customer Success Officer, respectively. With more than four decades of collective... Read more

Dynamic Brain Imaging With AI

2022 02 Aug

MRI, electroencephalography and magnetoencephalography are commonly used to study brain activity. However, new research from Carnegie Mellon University introduces a novel, AI-based dynamic brain imaging technology that maps out rapidly changing electrical activity in the brain with high speed, high resolution, and low cost. The research aims to improve... Read more

Flashback Technologies, Inc. Announces Appointment of Marcus Barkham as CEO

2022 21 Jul

Flashback Technologies Inc, an innovative digital healthcare company that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to transform basic physiological data into lifesaving and life changing vital signs, announced today that it has appointed  Marcus Barkham  as CEO. "Marcus brings over 20 years of senior executive experience in... Read more

J.P. MORGAN 41st Annual Healthcare Conference 2023

2023 09 Jan

Find J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. on Social Media Read more

Integrating Decision Support and Artificial Intelligence in Radiology

2022 08 Jul

Prof Elmar Kotter is the Vice-Chair and Director of Imaging Informatics & Quality and Risk Management at the Department of Radiology of Freiburg University Medical Center, Germany. He is also Chair of the eHealth and Informatics Subcommittee of the European Society of Radiology (ESR) and President of the European Society of Medical Imaging Informatics... Read more

Artificial Intelligence and Radiomics at the University of Florence

2022 08 Jul

This paper provides an overview of current research at the Department of Radiology  of the University of Florence. It concerns radiomics along with Artificial Intelligence   (AI) applied to various medical fields. The need for personalised medicine and the transition from qualitative to quantitative imaging are at the heart of the projects... Read more

Digital Twin Technologies - Shortening Waiting Lists and Reducing Inefficiencies

2022 08 Jul

Digital twin technologies and the use of artificial intelligence and data science to revolutionise the provision, delivery and sustainability of healthcare. Key Points The NHS needs to look to different approaches to achieve sustainable, high-quality healthcare that meets both patient need and expectations. Using a combination of retrospective,... Read more

Application of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

2022 08 Jul

Artificial Intelligence is believed to lead the process of digitalisation and transformation in healthcare. How can healthcare organisations prepare for this change? What opportunities does AI offer for the healthcare sector? Which AI-based radiology tools are expected to make a difference? spoke to Sourabh Pagaria,  Executive... Read more

Study Reveals Comedy, AI, and Self-Care Can Quickly Boost Patient Mental Health

2022 18 May

Dramatic Reduction in Depression, Stress, and Anxiety Reported "In just eight weeks during the pandemic, women living with advanced cancer, ages 31 to 74, reported feeling more empowered, and less depressed, stressed, and anxious while using artificial intelligence to create personalized self-care plans infused with comedy and other relaxation... Read more