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AIMed The Global Summit 2023

2023 04 Jun

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Artificial Intelligence

Digital Diagnostics Sheds Light on AI Tech with LumineticsCore™ Product Rebrand

2023 28 Mar

LumineticsCore™ (Formerly IDx-DR)’s New Look Adds a Human Touch to Technology   Digital Diagnostics – a leading AI diagnostics company on a mission to transform global healthcare – has rebranded its flagship product, the AI diagnostic system formerly known as IDx-DR, to LumineticsCore™.   The name references the words “illuminate”, which... Read more

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The Challenges U.S. Provider Organisations Are Facing

2023 28 Mar

IMO Solutions published a recent survey uncovering the most pressing needs faced by U.S. provider organisations and the bold changes they are planning to improve patient care.   More than 300 provider leaders were involved in the survey who are responsible for implementing and purchasing technology at healthcare provider organisations.  ... Read more

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New Research Project to Develop AI in Healthcare

2023 15 Mar

In early 2023, a new research project establishing an Open Consortium for Decentralized Medical Artificial Intelligence (ODELIA) began. It is funded by the EU with the aim of using Swarm Learning (SL) to transform artificial intelligence in healthcare.   Over the next several years, partners will work together to train AI models without... Read more

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Sustainability in AI Requires More Focus

2023 01 Mar

AI is transforming the world and it already has become a large part of the everyday activities in radiology. However, it is critical that we are aware that the positive changes it brings in healthcare holds possibility to have negative impacts in society. Ever-rising amounts of data has given rise to the field of AI ethics, and at its core is sustainable... Read more

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Testing Whether AI Can Replace Radiologists

2023 11 Jan

A recent study tested whether artificial intelligence could pass the rapid reporting element of the Fellowship of the Royal College of Radiologists exam, which radiologists in the UK are required to pass before the completion of their training.   The aim of the study was to test whether an AI candidate could pass the reporting exam and outperform... Read more

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AI Can Detect Early Signs of Osteoarthritis from an X-ray Image

2022 22 Dec

A team of researchers from the university of Jyväskylä and the Central Finland Health Care District developed an AI based neural network, that can detect early knee osteoarthritis from x-ray images.   This new method offers the potential to improve early detection, saving the patient from unnecessary examinations and treatments.   Typically,... Read more

Artificial Intelligence

Self-Supervised AI Overcomes a Significant Limitation in Clinical AI Design

2022 04 Oct

A group of biomedical informaticists and computer scientists, from the universities of Harvard and Stanford, developed a new machine learning system that can detect diseases on chest X-rays, and requires no human annotations to learn.   AI models need to be trained using relevant imaging data in order to learn to detect disease presented in medical... Read more

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#ESCCongress: AI Algorithm for Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease

2022 29 Aug

Late-breaking research presented at the ESC Congress shows that an artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm accurately estimates the risk of heart disease caused by cumulative exposure to cholesterol and blood pressure levels and the benefits of lowering both, thus providing the information needed to make individual treatment decisions.  Atherosclerotic... Read more

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AI vs Humans: Detecting Incidental Pulmonary Embolism on Chest CT

2022 19 Jul

A study was conducted to assess the diagnostic performance of an AI algorithm for detecting incidental pulmonary embolus (iPE) on conventional contrast-enhanced chest CT examinations. Results show that the AI tool had a high negative predictive value (NPV) and moderate positive predictive value (PPV) for detection and was able to find some iPEs that... Read more