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2018 06 Mar

The Africa Healthcare Summit provides high-level discussion into the future trends and opportunities in Africa's healthcare industry Find Africa Healthcare on Social Media  Read more

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2018 25 Jan

Top Quote from Blog: Healthcare Revolution in Africa through Public-Private Partnerships. " A successful investment is not defined solely by financial input, but also by additional critical factors such as collaborations, robust frameworks and policies, scalable economies, targeted opportunities for development, and effective resources, that...Read more

Executive Health Management


2018 23 May

The financial crisis was a blessing for our health systems. It forced European policymakers and politicians to take more decisive action on key issues. It became clear that healthcare is not only about money (I strongly believe that there is still a potential of up to 30% in gains/savings) but about sincere structural problems in our foundations, and...Read more

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2019 07 Oct

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2019 28 Feb

  GE Healthcare has partnered with the Nigeria Sovereign Investment Authority (NSIA) to supply latest technology in computed tomography (CT), Discovery RT, to Lagos University Teaching Hospital   Partnership will ensure provision of latest technology to enable early diagnostics and better treatment...Read more

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2019 27 Nov

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Executive Health Management


2020 07 Apr

Due to COVID-19 North Africa Health 2020 is postponed to Next Year.  New dates for 2021 to be announced soon Find North Africa Health on Social Media        Read more

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2019 07 Aug

Some artificial intelligence (AI)-based techniques are helping improve prediction of risks for certain diseases or disorders. Machine-learning models, for example, can be trained to find patterns ("features") in patient data and then determine a patient's risk of having lung cancer. You might also like: Machine Learning to Recognise Cardiac...Read more