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IT Management

HIMSS Stage 6 and 7 Hospitals in Summit Focus

2015 22 Sep

The HIMSS Europe CIO Summit will be celebrating its 6th year next month in Spain. This annual event which brings together leading European IT Directors and Senior Healthcare IT Executives focuses on the theme of "Preparing the ground for success". This year, the CIO Summit, starting on October 7, will take place in the Hospital La Fe, a renowned... Read more

ICU Management

Comic Books Explain ICU, Stroke To Kids

2014 23 Jun

The sudden hospitalisation of a family member is traumatic for anyone old enough to understand the circumstances and consequences of a health emergency. For children left confused and frightened by a family illness, two new comic books have come to the rescue, featuring five superheroes called Medikidz who explain the human body in all its functions... Read more

Executive Health Management

Zoom On: Mr Nikolaus Koller - President of the Editorial Board, (E)Hospital

2014 20 Jun

Mr Nikolaus Koller, MAS, MBA, who graduated in Hospital Business Administration, is the Hospital Manager of the State Hospital of Bruck/Mur and President, Federal Conference of the Austrian Hospital Managers, and a member of the EAHM Executive Committee. In 2012 the coordination of the Health Care System of Styria was split into three separate... Read more

IT Management

Barco / Brainlab Collaboration Sets New Standards for Medical Content Distribution in OR

2013 22 Nov

Enterprise visualization expert Barco and German-based medical technology innovator Brainlab AG announce their collaboration to provide an innovative approach to distributing and sharing medical content. In today’s increasingly complex operating rooms, BuzzTM - Digital O.R. by Brainlab, together with Nexxis, an IP-centric solution for image and audio... Read more

IMAGING Management

Hologic Q2 2013 Results

2013 17 May

Hologic  has announced its results for the second fiscal quarter ended March 30, 2013. Highlights Include: Financial: Revenues of $612.7 million, net of a $(6.4) million adjustment related to contingent revenue earned and received under Gen‐Probe Incorporated's (Gen‐Probe) collaboration agreement with Novartis. Non‐GAAP adjusted revenues... Read more

Executive Health Management


2013 19 Feb

As the official voice of the European Association of Hospital Managers (EAHM) (E)Hospital  has been the point of reference in delivering top healthcare management information since its first issue in 1999. (E)Hospital  benefits from a network of correspondents consisting of at least one hospital director from each member state, guaranteeing the promotion... Read more