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Understanding Carbon Dioxide in Resuscitation

2022 16 Mar

Peri-arrest CO 2  measurement may serve to assess resuscitation efficacy and guide clinical decisions. This paper reviews current knowledge and future research directions for CO 2  measurement and clinical application during CPR. Carbon Dioxide During Normal Heart-Lung Function CO 2  is produced by the mitochondria... Read more

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FRISC Study: Fluid and Resuscitation Protocols in Sepsis-Induced Hypotension in Cirrhosis

2021 08 Jun

  One of the most common causes of hospitalisation and mortality in patients with cirrhosis is sepsis and septic shock. However, despite the routine presence of this condition, there is very limited data on the choice of fluid and resuscitation protocols in sepsis-induced hypotension in cirrhosis.   The F luid R esuscitation in S epsis I nduced... Read more

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Pre-packed Critical Care Drug Pouch for Acute Patient Care

2019 26 Sep

Human factors are significant contributors to drug error. To overcome some of these human factors, we propose standardisation and consolidation of agreed drugs and equipment into a compact pre-packed critical care drug pouch (CCP) for use in non-theatre environments. Introduction   Emergency and sedation drugs availability and preparation... Read more

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29° Smart Meeting Anesthesia Resuscitation Intensive Care

2018 09 May

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Targeted Therapeutic Mild Hypercapnia After Cardiac Arrest

2017 28 May

Cardiac arrest (CA) causes ischaemic brain injury and persistent cerebral hypoperfusion and cerebral hypoxia during the early post-resuscitation period. PaCO2 is the major physiological regulator of cerebral blood flow, is a modifiable component of care and mild hypercapnia may lead to improved neurological outcomes for resuscitated CA survivors.... Read more