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AI Impact in Lower-resource countries

2023 01 Mar

It is a wide world phenomenon that we have a shortage of radiologists but this problem is even more pronounced in developing countries. Unfortunately, several of these countries lack specialists in addition to lacking radiologists. AI can have a great impact in these locations where radiologists are not present, and help to manage the work load of... Read more

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Breast MRI May be the Most Effective for Women with Dense Breasts

2023 24 Feb

According to a study published in Radiology, breast MRI is seen as the superior screening method for detecting breast cancer in women with dense breasts.   In the U.S. 47% of women have dense breasts, which is an independent risk factor of breast cancer.   Although screening mammography can detect up to 98% of cancer in fatty breasts, there... Read more

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SIR 2023 - Society of Interventional Radiology

2023 04 Mar

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DocPanel Welcomes Jaideep Sohi, MD as Chief Medical Officer

2022 26 May

DocPanel, a global innovator in providing subspecialized radiology coverage through a network of the country’s top fellowship-trained radiologists, has appointed Jaideep Sohi, MD as the new Chief Medical Officer (CMO). Dr. Sohi succeeds DocPanel Co-Founder Philip A. Templeton, MD, FACR, who has stepped into the role of Chief Innovation Officer after... Read more

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SIR 2022 - Society of Interventional Radiology

2022 11 Jun

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RSNA President Urges Radiology to Refine Itself

2021 30 Nov

RSNA President, Dr Mary Mahoney, at RSNA 2021’s opening session Sunday afternoon, urged radiology to use lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic to refine itself as a ‘value-based, service-oriented specialty’.   Dr Mahoney’s lecture focused on using the lessons learnt from the COVID-19 crisis to move forward. The pandemic uncovered weaknesses in... Read more

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2021 23 Oct

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