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ICU Management

SOA 2023

2023 27 Jun

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ICU Management

Predicting Readmission, Death After Discharge From ICU

2023 06 Feb

Many machine learning (ML) models have been developed for use in the ICU, but their effectiveness in new settings is uncertain due to a lack of external validation. A study showed that less than one-third of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved ML models have undergone multisite assessment. In addition, only 11% of  ICU prediction models have... Read more

ICU Management

Reanimation 2023

2023 14 Jun

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ICU Management

Management of the Acutely Unwell Child

2022 20 Oct

Nearly one-quarter of the world’s population are children aged 0–14 years, with this proportion rising to almost 50% in some countries. Children account for nearly one-fifth of all emergency department visits in the USA and U.K., with an increasing trend of emergency admissions requiring intensive care. Data from emergency departments in England... Read more

ICU Management

Less is More in Delirium

2022 10 May

Critical care physicians often use ineffective treatments that lack evidence-based data. This is especially true for delirium. To date, no medications have demonstrated therapeutic benefit for this condition. Medical treatment is either targeted toward preventing delirium or treating agitation associated with it. Behavioural interventions are rarely... Read more

ICU Management

Delirium Motor Subtypes in ICU Patients

2022 08 Mar

Delirium is the most common cerebral dysfunction in the ICU, affecting nearly one-third of patients. Based on its clinical manifestation, it can be divided into a hypoactive, hyperactive, or mixed motor subtype. Patients with hyperactive delirium are usually in an agitated state of mind and can display symptoms of aggression and restlessness. Patients... Read more

ICU Management

Temple University Hospital Adopts Masimo Centroid™

2022 08 Feb

Premier Philadelphia Academic Medical Center Implements Advanced Masimo Wearable, Wireless Patient Position, Orientation, and Activity Sensors in its ICUs Masimo  and Temple Health has announced that  Temple University Hospital (TUH) , a 722-bed academic medical center located in Philadelphia, is expanding its use of Masimo technologies with... Read more

ICU Management

The Evolution of Cerebrovascular Critical Care

2021 15 Jun

The Society of Critical Care Medicine (SCCM) was founded in 1970. At that time, there was little to offer for the acute management of patients suffering from an acute cerebrovascular condition other than supportive care. Patients suffering from stroke were rarely found in the intensive care unit.   During the 1960s, 25% of stroke patients would die... Read more

ICU Management

Choosing Wisely: The Next Five Recommendations

2021 07 Mar

In 2010, Howard Brody, a medical ethicist and family physician, authored "Medicine's Ethical Responsibility for Healthcare Reform - The Top Five List". His list challenged medical societies to identify five interventions in healthcare that were overused, and that did not provide patient benefit. Following the same logic, the American Board of Internal... Read more