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ICU Management

Obesity and Critical Care Nutrition

2022 27 Sep

A panel discussion with an international group of experts in the care of obese patients in the critical care setting evaluated best practices in malnutrition screening and assessment, estimation of energy needs for obese patients, the risks and management of sarcopenic obesity, the importance of tailored nutrition, and the role of immunonutrition. ... Read more

Cardiology Management

Heart Health Problems Affect Brain Health

2020 03 Mar

Having health issues such as smoking, high cholesterol or a high body mass index (BMI) in your 20s may make you more likely to have problems with thinking and memory skills and even the brain’s ability to properly regulate its blood flow, according to a preliminary study released today that will be presented at the American Academy of Neurology's 72nd... Read more

Executive Health Management

FrailSafe System: An Innovative Approach on Frailty

2019 02 Oct

Summary: Frail older people are often burdened with a range of complex medical conditions that leave them more susceptible to illness. The FrailSafe system aims to resolve this by offering a method that can predict, detect and manage frailty earlier on. Frailty is a clinical syndrome manifested with progressive deterioration in more than one... Read more