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AHIMA 2022

2022 09 Oct

Find AHIMA on Social Media   November 10–11: Virtual event Read more

AppliedVR and Komodo Health Partner To Use VR As Digital Chronic Pain Therapy

2022 04 May

Following a 2021 FDA marketing authorization, AppliedVR will leverage Komodo’s platform in clinical trial to study the real-world clinical impact of its RelieVRx product on patients living with chronic lower back pain. Komodo Health today announced a new partnership with AppliedVR, the leader in therapeutic virtual reality (VR) for pain management. The... Read more

Reinforce AI Conference 2022

2022 08 Mar

Workshop day:  March 8 Conference days:  March 9-10 Find Reinforce on Social Media   Read more

IT Management

2021 05 Dec

In 2014, Stephen Hawking had warned that ‘the development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race’. 1 A bold statement indeed, but if we focus on the term ‘full’, we’ll understand that if not designed properly, certain level of autonomy that could be difficult to control and can be extremely damaging to fundamental... Read more

IT Management

2021 14 Jun

In this space I will explore monthly topics, from concepts to technologies, related to the necessary steps to build Digital Healthcare Systems. For this month, I have invited Mr Giorgio Cangioli to co-author a brief article on Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR), as hospitals and their interconnections are a critical asset and next... Read more

The Importance of Technology and Novel Solutions in Healthcare

2021 19 May

Do you think Artificial Intelligence will take away jobs from healthcare workers? Read more

The Importance of Technology and Novel Solutions in Healthcare

2021 19 May

Is technology the savior for all problems in healthcare?   Read more

World’s Tiniest, Injectable Chip Uses Ultrasound to Monitor Body Processes

2021 18 May

Once a thing of science fiction, implantable medical devices are transforming healthcare and improving the quality of life for millions of people.   Columbia Engineers have taken the science further — developing what they say is the world’s smallest single-chip system with a complete functioning electronic circuit. The system, at less than... Read more

Will Your Mobile Phone Soon Be Able to Detect COVID-19?

2021 03 May

The NIH   recently approved a 24-month grant for researchers to develop sensors that can be embedded into mobile devices which could potentially detect COVID-19 particles on their surfaces. The General Electric Research team is set to begin developing   miniature sensors that can be embedded into mobile devices in order to detect COVID-19 on... Read more

AHIMA 2021

2021 20 Sep

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