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Ever since we were founded in 1983, our focus has been on supporting the frontline heroes of critical care - with ventilation technologies that are safe, effective, and lung-protective. And we want to lessen the load for those who make extraordinary efforts every day, helping seriously ill patients fight their way back to health.

That is why we are committed to helping medical teams deliver the best respiratory care - to anyone, anywhere. That commitment is present in everything we do.


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ICU Management

Sustainability at Hamilton Medical

2023 20 Jun

The first sustainability report for the year 2022 is out, covering our concept, actions, and goals for combining value creation with social justice and ecological responsibility.   Economic success is important for every company, but so is the future. The Hamilton group started measuring its total carbon footprint in 2021 and has set targets... Read more

ICU Management

New Contract with the US Department of Defence

2019 24 Jul

Congratulations to our US team who just signed a major capital equipment contract with the US Department of Defence worth up to $150,000,000! Using customers are Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and federal civilian agencies. Following a 5-year ECAT contract that ended last year and mainly consisted of the HAMILTON-T1 military transport ventilators,... Read more

ICU Management

Results of Hamilton Medical Online Survey on Patient-Ventilator Asynchronies

2019 25 Jun

Our online survey about how you handle patient-ventilator asynchronies is now closed and the winners have been drawn! The majority of survey participants consider asynchronies to be either very critical or extremely critical for patient safety (66%) and patient comfort (77%). Waveform analysis is the most common method of monitoring and recognizing... Read more

ICU Management

HAMILTON-T1 and the HOVER Survey

2019 13 Jun

According to a recent publication from Germany, the HAMILTON-T1 is by far the most popular ventilator for use in intensive care transport helicopters in five European countries. The HOVER (Handover of ventilated Helicopter Emergency Medical Service [HEMS] patients in the emergency room) online survey was conducted amongst air rescue organizations... Read more

ICU Management

More Languages at Hamilton Medical College

2019 14 Apr

Our latest e-learning modules include a range of topics in new languages and a second edition for the HAMILTON-C6. At Hamilton Medical College, we are working hard to meet demand and provide our popular e-learning modules in as many languages as possible. The table below shows you the new translations for a total of six different topics.... Read more

ICU Management

New Materials for P/V Tool® Pro

2019 14 Apr

The new P/V Tool Pro User Guide and Quick Reference Card provide clear, concise instructions for assessing lung recruitability and performing recruitment maneuvers.  The User Guide looks briefly at the quasi-static low flow pressure-volume curve and contraindications for lung recruitment, before introducing a two-step approach consisting of... Read more

ICU Management

Nuflow® Nasal Cannulas for HFOT in Neonates

2019 07 Feb

We have recently expanded our product range with Nuflow single-use nasal cannulas * for high flow oxygen therapy in neonates. The cannulas are available in four different sizes and include one adapter (OD 15 mm) and one pair of fixation patches. These are either small or large, depending on the size of the cannula set, and can also be ordered... Read more

ICU Management

Federal Patent Court Recognizes Claims Against Imtmedical AG

2019 11 Jan

In a recent ruling, the Federal Patent Court recognized claims made by Hamilton Medical AG against Imtmedical AG in a patent infringement case regarding flow sensors. On May 31, 2016, Hamilton Medical AG ("Hamilton") filed a lawsuit against imtmedical AG ("IMT"), Buchs, Switzerland at the Federal Patent Court in Sankt Gallen, Switzerland. In... Read more

ICU Management

Optimising patient-ventilator synchronisation

2018 16 Mar

Dr. Lluís Blanch, Dr. Jean-Michel Arnal and Prof. Francesco Mojoli discuss why patient-ventilator synchrony is important, how to detect asynchronies, and technical solutions for optimising synchronisation.  Definition and clinical effects Patient-ventilator asynchrony occurs when there is a mismatch between the patient’s inspiratory time... Read more

ICU Management

Hamilton Medical launches new high-end ventilator for critical care

2017 23 Aug

With the new HAMILTON-C6*, Hamilton Medical, expands its portfolio in the high-end ventilation segment and ushers in the next generation of intelligent and versatile ICU ventilators for all patient population.   The HAMILTON-C6 represents a new generation of high-end ventilators. The combination of modularity, ease of use, mobility, and advanced features... Read more

ICU Management

HAMILTON-C1 neo:Comprehensive Care for Newborns in Just One Device

2016 02 Dec

The new HAMILTON-C1 neo combines a range of therapy options with maximum mobility in a highly versatile ventilator designed specifically for neonates.   With over 30 years of experience in developing intelligent ventilation solutions for patients of all ages, Hamilton Medical has now channeled that wealth of expertise and proven neonatal technology... Read more

ICU Management

HAMILTON-C1: Minimum Size for Maximum Performance

2016 11 Oct

Requiring only a minimum of space, the HAMILTON-C1 mechanical ventilator combines maximum mobility with invasive and noninvasive modes, as well as high flow oxygen therapy.  The integrated high-performance turbine enables the HAMILTON-C1 to be completely independent of compressed air. This makes it an ideal companion for all patient groups... Read more

ICU Management

Intelligent Humidification with the New HAMILTON-H900

2016 13 Sep

After successful 510(k) clearance, Hamilton Medical presents the new active humidifier HAMILTON-H900 in the US. With improved ergonomics, ease of use, and facilitated handling, the HAMILTON-H900 makes humidification one less thing to worry about in critical care.   As a manufacturer of Intelligent Ventilation solutions, Hamilton Medical provides... Read more

ICU Management

HAMILTON-T1 Transport Ventilator for Armed Forces

2016 23 May

Fully-featured ICU ventilation for military patient transports under the world’s toughest conditions Specially modified for military compliance to meet the highest demands in the most challenging environments worldwide, Hamilton Medical’s transport ventilator is now available for use by armed forces to safely accompany critical care patients in... Read more

ICU Management

HAMILTON‐C3S: The First Compact High‐End Ventilator

2016 10 Feb

With a variety of unique features, the new HAMILTON‐C3S offers high‐end ventilation therapy for all patient groups – from neonates to adults.  The unique HAMILTON‐C3S is a transportable high‐end ventilator that provides cutting‐edge technology to protect your patient’s lungs and improve the ventilation quality. Thanks to its compact design and the independence... Read more

ICU Management

My name is Snoopy!

2015 11 Nov

Dr. Ron Sanderson with the Hamilton Medical ventilator Snoopy, aka GALILEO. A story about the special relationship between respiratory therapists and mechanical ventilators. Interview with Dr. Ron Sanderson, Director Respiratory Care/Neurophysiology at Castle Medical Center in Hawaii When Snoopy left the assembly line at Hamilton Medical... Read more

ICU Management

Accurately Setting PEEP with Transpulmonary Pressure

2015 29 Oct

Choose an optimal PEEP setting with the help of the transpulmonary pressure measurement on our high-end ventilators, HAMILTON-G5 and HAMILTON-S1 .   Acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) is characterized by a decrease in respiratory system compliance due to a collapsed lung and/or a decrease in chest wall compliance. When mechanical ventilation... Read more

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White Papers - Case Studies

ICU Management

How to improve patient-ventilator synchrony

2019 16 Apr

Waveform analysis and optimization of ventilator settings Anita Orlando, MD, Servizio di Anestesia e Rianimazione I, Fondazione IRCCS Policlinico San Matteo, Pavia, IT Background Asynchronies are a frequent issue in ventilated patients.1They represent a mismatch between the inspiratory and expiratory times of patient and ventilator,... Read more



ICU Management

Optimising patient-ventilator synchronisation

2018 16 Mar

Dr. Lluís Blanch, Dr. Jean-Michel Arnal and Prof. Francesco Mojoli discuss why patient-ventilator synchrony is important, how to detect asynchronies, and technical solutions for optimising synchronisation.  Definition and clinical effects Patient-ventilator asynchrony occurs when there is a mismatch between the patient’s inspiratory time... Read more


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