Comarch Field Service Management

Comarch Field Service Management
Automate mobile workforce and equipment management

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Comarch FSM is the field service management software for healthcare organisations. It is a comprehensive solution for planning and coordinating employees and healthcare materials in the provision of healthcare activities, from which HCPs, technicians and warehouse managers of healthcare institutions benefit. 


Comarch FSM: the backbone for healthcare care organisations

More and more care are provided at home. In the near future, the share of home care will only increase. This is therefore an increasingly important part of the work of care organisations. With Comarch FSM, you automate the organisation of care, so that you can focus on providing care, rather than on the administrative burden.


  • Automated working hours scheduling
  • Automated route optimization based on HCP diplomas, service regions, and availability
  • Visit tracking based on GPS, statuses and checklists
  • Medicine supply
  • Internal communication
  • Customer Portal to stay in touch with clients

Comarch FSM: medical use

Comarch provides end-to-end solutions for remote monitoring/ Healthcare IoT. The in house/in an institution placed sensors, are used to measure human health on a continual basis. The notifications/alarms issued by these measuring instruments are directly displayed as a high priority task in Comarch FSM so that care providers can respond immediately and adequately.

Comarch FSM:

Medical Equipment Service Drawing on knowledge and experience in managing large, complex logistics operations, Comarch FSM is an optimal solution for managing equipment in healthcare organisations.


  • Inventory/equipment tracking
  • QR scanning to manage Inventory/equipment
  • Automated maintenance scheduling
  • Automatic device monitoring
  • Incidents reporting – ticketing system
  • Visit tracking based on GPS, statuses, and technical checklists
  • Knowledgebase (documents/how to’s)
  • Automated maintenance schedules
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